Mira's wedding

This is soooooooooooooooo overdue that I can't even remember the exact date of it. LOL! I remember a year ago, my pretty classmate Mira has invited me verbally to attend her wedding reception in December. I JUST HAD TO SAY YES, because I love attending wedding, witnessing the love birds vow to live together through thick and thin for the rest of their lives!

Secret of Lousiana

Looking at the name itself, doesn't it sound mysterious and romantic?

Winnie's BIrthday Celebration Part 2

If you read the previous blog over here, you should know that the part 2 is where the real celebration is! When it comes to birthday celebration, it has to be us, the TRIO! lol. What a corny name.

Winnie's birthday celebration part 1

This is seriously a very backlogged blog post, for the record, Winnie's birthday falls on Valentine's day, which is more than a month ago. lol.

Dining at Victoria Station

It was of course, an advance Valentine's day celebration for my dad and mum! We, the lucky kids, were benefited along! Heeeeee..

Grand Shanghai Setia Walk

It was CNY day 2. Restaurants tend to serve only overpriced set dinner that we are not so fond of, so I suggested to pay a visit to this renown place. Lately I have seen many people visiting this place, and I am intrigued by the retro design and layout of this place, I just have to witness with my own eye.

Photo Diary of President's List Award

It was a Wednesday, when I received a phone call from the examination department informing me about this event. I remembered that they said it would be held on the 27th January.
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