Jake's Charbroil at Medan Damansara

I did bring up this name Jake's charbroil some time ago, but I didn't get the chance to dine there since it was fully booked. This time we were smart enough to reserve a few days ahead, STILL, we were requested to finish our meal before 8pm because there will be another family coming in for our seat. I am in awe how popular this steakhouse is.

Yeast Bistronomy

Once I put a blogpost up, I am always excited to write more up. Now that I have a little spare time just before my lunch break is over, I am going to put this up real quick.

Logenhaus roast & grill and Crave Oasis Square

Hello peeps!! Sorry for the hiatus! It's been among the longest hiatus I have taken on my blog.
Let's get straight to the point!
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