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Breakfast at La Bodega, Empire Gallery

Parents were not home for the weekend, so there wasn't any food at home. We both had a pretty late night last night, so we woke up not too early and not too late, but just in time for a proper breakfast. 

We decided to dine in Empire Shopping Gallery but couldn't decide where, but when we stopped by La Bodega to look at their menu, we knew it instinctively this was THE BREAKFAST of the day. LOL. Dramatic enough. 

Walked in, got ourselves a rather small table, not a big fan. 

I love everything on the plate. 
Every one of them. 
Mushroom were so tastily seasoned. 
Sausage were delicious. 
EGGGSSS!! Just the way I loved it. 
Andddd potatooooooooo! 

 My sister Kat went for a basic ones, 
which looks like a smiley face now that I look at it.

Awesome breakfast made my day! 

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