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Chocolate has long been associated with love, and Love18 is aspired to cultivate this old, but new concept in the society. Love18, a place that celebrated the first 8th anniversary of this lovely married couple, is determined to spread not just love in this world, but also happiness and kindness. 

I was so happy to be invited to witness the launch of #payitforwardwithlove18 campaign, a campaign that reminds us the beauty of giving, the beauty of helping, and the beauty of being genuinely kind. 

Located just opposite of the bustling Setiawalk mall, who would have thought a quiet level one shop is exploding with love and tons of joy?

Conveniently situated right next to the elevator, this place is hard to be missed. A simple looking wooden door with a lovely card hanging there stated 'We Are Open', this place welcomes patrons in the warmest way possible. Once we stepped foot into this quaint little cafe, my senses vibrated! My nose was greeted with mild, but absolutely aromatic chocolate scent in the air! 

Love18 takes pride in their handmade chocolates! We were really fortunate to be treated to a wonderful handmade chocolate buffet!

We were paying attention to the explanations on different types of chocolate by the KetchUp committee! 

Prior to attending this lovely chocolate appreciation gathering, I basically had no knowledge pertaining to chocolate. All I knew about chocolate was that it made us fat and it broke me out. LOL. 
I was pretty skeptical when I took a look at these chocolates if I am honest. 
But one bite was all it took to blow my mind.
These couverture chocolates melt instantly and absolutely smoothly when I popped them into my mouth, slowly releasing an aromatic fragrance all over our mouth.

80% First Love Ganache Chocolates, 180g (20 pcs- RM 28.00 per box)
were amongst my favourites!
These were also the first chocolates they have ever made in the earlier days, way before this cafe was opened.
These first love ganache chocolates are also available in 60% and 70%. 

This one above, the champagne truffle was my another favourite! 
I love how it was hard on the outside, yet soft enough to be bitten gently.
Once it was broken open, the champagne oozed out and blended with the chocolate, created a taste that was really delicious that even my tastebud was dancing in agreement!

After a round of satisfying chocolate sampling, the presentation started! 

Each one of us was given a box of chocolates! 
I can't help but to quote Gump, 'Life's like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get.'
And indeed, we didn't know what we were getting. 

There we had the big brain behind KetchUp, Nicholas Pang! 

And this is the passionate founder and owner of Love18, Eddie Lee.

He is, without a doubt, extremely knowledgeable when it comes to chocolates! 

We were also told that drinking lime water/ lemon water cleanses our palate and helps us differentiate tastes better! 

A teenage dream, inspired by a Japanese movie, the Beach Boys, turned into a career, 
Eddie is proud of being able to realize his teenage dream as well as the dream of his wife. 

Starting off as a small family business that sold only one type of chocolate, they have now expanded into a full-fledged chocolatier, selling a myriad array of chocolates. They have also gained substantial fame in the chocolatier world in Malaysia that even the Royal families are their royal patrons! *headsup*

Eddie enlightened the meaning behind the name of this cafe, Love18!
1. This cafe is a celebration of the first 8th anniversary of him and his wife
2. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.
Definition of Love, which is comprised of 18 words.
3. Chocolates are best stored at 18-degree celsius! 

After a brief introduction into the fascinating world of chocolates, we were requested to unveil the secrets lying in the box of chocolates. 

We were told to unfold gently and bask in the joy of gifting! 

It's not hard to tell that I was screaming in excitement inside when I saw the delicate packaging! 

10 different types of chocolates for us to sample and taste the difference! 

We were briefly introduced to all the different origins of the cocoa, and thereafter to a sampling session ! 

This was really an eye-opening experience! And it also through this sharing session that I have learnt how to distinguish between real chocolate and compound chocolate. 

Compound chocolate contains vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and does not require tempering.  It has been widely utilized due to its ease of use and lower price. These chocolates are normally brittle and easy to break where a *piakk* sound is audible upon breaking them. These chocolates are fine kept at room temperature and taste generally sweet.

Real chocolate, also termed couverture chocolate refers to the finest professional quality chocolate. It is produced with a high percentage of cocoa butter and uses premium cacao beans. When tempered and cooled, it forms an elegant glossy finish, hence 100% coconut powder is dusted all over the surface to prevent the chocolates from sticking to each other, or upon contact with our hands.

I used to despise dark chocolate as I had the impression of them being really bitter. But I have completely changed my mind that afternoon! My favourite chocolate now has got to be the 80% Dark Choc from Barry Callebaut, Belgium! I love how they melt in our mouth like magic and smoothens out like silk, soft and tender, and ultimately left a multilayer aroma on our palate.

After a short presentation, we were given permission to visit their kitchen! 

YESSSSS!!! They handmade all their chocolates! There weren't any machines at all in the kitchen! All we could see was the skilful pastry chefs, grinding on the counter top, paying complete attention to making chocolate! From making them to cutting them and packaging them! They were meticulous, ensuring only the best will be packaged and delivered to their customers!

Chocolate, something that I thought was just a great gift during Valentine's day, bears so many stories behind. It is someone's dream, it brightens someone's day, and it is also the main income for many countries. I am so glad to be a part of this campaign! I would love to encourage everyone to #payitforwardwithlove18! All you have to do is just do a random act of kindness to anyone, and the person who receives it pass on the random act of kindness to someone else! It's that easy! 

I had given a box of 80% dark chocolate from Love18 to my bestie, Winnie. And she shared it with her brother on his 21st Birthday! It's that easy! Now let's make the world a better place by spreading joy and kindness!

It was an utterly fun day learning facts about chocolates that I didn't know before! 
So happy to catch up with the KetchUp team too! 
Thanks again Penny for the invitation and being so genuinely kind and forgiving towards us! 

Before I end this post, just ask yourself, when was the last time you helped someone you meet on the streets and not hoping for anything in return? 

Interested to try out how good their chocolates are? You can find them at Love18 Chocolates Cafe, Setiawalk Puchong, Selangor. 

Address: D-7-1, Block D, Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan, 47160 Puchong Utama, Selangor

Operating Hours: 
Tuesday ~ Friday - 1:00pm ~ 9:00pm 
Saturday & Sunday - 12:00pm ~ 9:00pm
Closed on Monday

Or learn more about them at

Store Phone: 03 5879 8519
Phone: 019 211 5683 (LOVE) 

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in collaboration with KetchUp Social Programme Malaysia.

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