Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre at Trec KL

Being a foodie all his life, the established local shoemaker, Dato Lewre Lew (read: Loo-rare) had partnered up with his friends from HK to venture into the food industry, not only to satisfy his own taste buds, but also to bring an extraordinary dining experience to fellow passionate local foodies like himself. 

Strategically located in Trec KL, the pioneering entertainment district in KL, Nicsmann 1940s is a place that offers modern Wine and Dine experience, align with the vision of Trec KL to become the first ever Urban Sanctuary in KL. This place is nicely renovated with the widely loved modern industrial design, with a touch of elegance! This space screams casual and cozy to me despite being a fine-dining place. I love how the glass doors to the balcony provide a beautiful skyline view of KL! I like to regard this place as the perfect blend of modernization and serenity, with the balcony overlooking the bustling city and night lights, and the back of the restaurant covered by the lush greenery of the Selangor Golf Club.

Our hearts were exploding with jubilance to be a part of the Mid-Summer Social Night, an appreciation dinner jointly organised by LocatedAt app and FoodInk.

P.s. I am absolutely gutted by the fact that I have lost most of the photos I have taken from this place when I was transferring all the photos from my PC to my Pendrive. I wish I could show you the absolutely stunning view of the Petronas Twin Towers shining in the night sky and the lovely ambiance of the restaurant. But luckily I managed to recover the food photos so let's hop right in!

The event commenced with a speech given by the manager of the restaurant. And we were treated to a 4-course meal that costs about RM160 per person. Read on to find out why I think this meal is absolutely worth every penny spent!

Starting off, we had an appetiser that was intriguing to the eye and equally intriguing to our palate.

 Classic Caesar Salad With Smoked Duck Breast
served with Romaine lettuce, crouton, and parmesan cheese.
I was really drawn to the dressing,
which was a mixture of sweet and sour.
The dressing balances off the smoked duck breast which sits on the saltier side.

Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil
Made by blending 5 different types of mushrooms, 
this mushroom soup is one of the best mushroom soups I have ever had. 
Every sip of the soup is guaranteed with a rich and aromatic experience. 
I love how you could feel bits and pieces of mushrooms in the soup, but nothing too chunky that it became laborious to eat it. 

Great food was also accompanied by amazing music,
i.e. live saxophone! 
Everyone went crazy when he played some of the famous songs! 

 English Poached Fresh Salmon Trout With Graden Vegetable and Tomato Broth
The fresh salmon was perfectly poached and was served with tomato broth.
I love how the chef managed to retain the juiciness of the salmon.
The thick and flavourful tomato broth had also complemented the salmon really well. 

 Grilled Rack of Lamb with Sauteed Fresh Vegetables and Black Pepper Sauce
It was served with fluffy mashed potato underneath.
Extra brownie points must be given to the chef as they have drawn a lovely heart shape surrounding the lamb!
Lamb was cooked to perfection, it was tender and delicious!
Seemingly simple black pepper sauce was nicely made too,
without the black pepper being too overpowering. 

 Grilled Meltique Beef with Mango Salsa and A Touch of Truffle Juice

The lovely evening adjourned with the signature dessert platter. 

Signature Dessert Platter
It comes with Bread & Butter Pudding, Classic Crème Brulee, Chocolate Lava and Sizzling Brownies.
This platter was shared among four, and even so we still couldn't finish them!
My favourite had got to be the sizzling brownies!
The chocolate cream covering the brownie was thick and creamy, almost tasted like couverture chocolate if I may, it went really well with the fluffy and moist brownie underneath.
The chocolate lava cake though was a bit of a disappointment as the lava did not ooze out upon cutting the cake apart, a few minutes extra of baking would have perfected it. 

The dessert was definitely the highlight of the evening.
When the fountain firecracker was lit,
the whole space lit up too! 
All of us whipped out our camera to capture this beautiful but short-lived moment of the burning sparks!
Although it is a little unnecessary, LOL, it was really fun nonetheless.

And for the curious cats, LocatedAt is an app which you can download from the google play or app stores! It is your lifestyle guide, covering information from restaurants to cafes, events to deals, and any facilities around you with just a swipe and a touch of your fingertips! 

This place is your best bet for a refined yet casual lunches and dinners. It is also perfect for parties and events. We have had one of the best evenings here with great music in the background, amazing friends that we have made, and most importantly we went home with a happy tummy.

Good news to all my readers as I am giving away 2 vouchers worth RM50 to dine at Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre! Just leave a comment below telling me what is your favourite food and I will pick 2 winners on 17th August 2016!

Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre
Address: TREC Kuala Lumpur Unit E1-02, 436 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 013-359 0443
Opening Hours: 11am - 2am (Mon-Thurs) 11am - 5am (Fri-Sat) 11am - 2am (Sun)

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