Perth Day 3 - Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Lancelin Sand Dunes

The third day in Perth, this was definitely the most action-packed day of the entire trip! 
This was also the day where all of us threw on the comfiest outfit we had because we were going on a road trip! We would be spending hours on the tour bus and a couple of exciting times in the desert and sand dunes!

It was yet another day with an amazing weather! 😄😄😄
I felt like it was way colder this day than the days before, but that was probably because I was wearing lighter this day? I loathe having sand stuck in my nice knit sweater.  

I am not sure if you can spot it, but I was wearing a 'D' pendant with D's birthstone, Opal on it! 
Opal and all the other stones are abundant in Australia, so D decided to get me one when we were in Fremantle Market the day before. 

We waited for our tour bus to come and pick us up at the usual spot. 
Looking at these photos really made me miss spending time in Perth! 
I really loved the weather and all the cute buildings. 

The first destination of the day was Caversham Wildlife Park.
It took us about an hour to get to this place as it is pretty far from the town.
But we were also extremely excited to explore other parts of Perth!
The wildlife park is situated in the countryside, so we were blessed with sights of lush greenery along the way.

I love the contrast of the super cold breeze 😅😅😅 under such warm and bright sunlight ☀☀☀. 
I would choose winter anytime! 💖💖💖

Although it was only about 9 in the morning, the place was already full of visitors!

First time seeing kangaroos, let alone a white one. 
Excitement overflowed! 

First stop in the wildlife park, wombat! 

Despite having a bad shiver, the wombat behaved really well! 
We were not allowed to touch anywhere we wished, but only their stumpy legs! Hehe. 

And we spotted bats burying themselves in their wings as they sleep away...

Next up! We saw Koalas! 

They were so lazy that they were barely moving. 
I mean, who wouldn't like sleeping in in such a lovely weather? Haha! 

And we even got to see Joey (baby koalas)! 
Joeys are the cutest things ever!!! 

And yes! You may have guessed it, our final stop in the wildlife park was the kangaroo farm! 
And this time we were allowed to get up close and personal with the kangaroos!

Left wildlife park with much sadness, we thought that time allocated was too scarce, that we didn't really have adequate time with each of the animals. 
But then again we had a long long day ahead, so we'd better get going. 

And we went on a crazy 4 hours journey or so, just to get to a Lobster farm, which was proven unworthy. 
I think the day would have been so much more interesting if we could forgo this place. 
We were shown how lobsters were reared and graded etc, and then we were given the option to purchase a lobster meal or we would be served with a simple western lunch pack. I wouldn't recommend trying cause even the cheapest set cost a fortune. 
We could easily get a bigger portion at a fraction of the price back here in Malaysia. 

So there we were, enjoying our lunch pack, which everyone else complained cold and bland. 
But I actually quite liked it! 😋😋😋

After some 2 hours drive, we finally arrived at The Pinnacles! 

It was quite a strange feeling coming to the desert during the cold winter month, 
but heck yeah, I couldn't have imagined a better time to come here. 
The warmth of the sun rays counteracted the cold breeze, and the weather turned out to be really amazing!

We had SOOOOOO much fun playing in the desert! We were running everywhere, stopping every second to pose in front of the camera, and then continue running, finding the best stones! LOL! 

After about an hour and a half of absolute fun time, we went back to our tour bus, and en route to our next and final destination of the day - Lancelin Sand Dunes! 

The journey was another 1.5 hours, so it was pretty tormenting while we were all hyped up from the previous adenaline rush in the desert. LOL. 

When we arrived, we saw mountains of pure white sands and it was such a sight! 

We hopped on to a 4WD vehicle, and started our extreme 4WD experience! 
It wasn't that much of a thrill if I am honest, but when the driver managed to find a good slope, 
the excitement intensified a little. 

Before the sun set, D had the chance to try sand boarding for the very first time in his life! 
I chickened out as I didn't want to be covered in sands! boo! 

The sun was setting so the temperature dipped to below 10 and we had so much fun standing there just enjoying the cold breeze, but not with the sand flying into our eyes every now and then. LOL. 

The journey back home was another 2 hours. We munched on all the snacks we brought along with us. And we then fell asleep. 

We then wrapped up our day with a bowl of hot and hearty Vietnamese pho for dinner at Viet Hoa! Read all about it here!

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