Chiangmai/Chiangrai 5D4N - Day 1

Far away from the bustling city of Bangkok, Chiangmai is a quaint little hidden gem with surprisingly so much to see and so much to do! 
We bought a tour package for CNY and while the thought of going there didn't excite me as much as any other popular tourist destination, this trip turned out to be such an amazing one, and I often find myself reliving those memories in my head.

Arriving around 4pm, we decked on the tour bus and embarked on an interesting journey to see the notorious Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep

On a tour bus again after what seemed like forever to us! :P

Everything out of the window fascinated me! 
Being a total first timer in Thailand, I thought everything here was so different and interesting! 

Arriving at Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep, we were greeted by a couple of dogs laying around the entrnace to the temple. 

And oh gawd! One of them had their eyebrows drawn on! 
I wonder which playful person has done this! 

We took a tram to the top of the temple! 

The place is absolutely stunning with flowers blooming everywhere! 

AS it is quite high up the mountain, this place is quite chilly and we enjoyed the weather! 

Random tourist who requested to take a photo of me pretending to be praying! LOL!

With my facvourite travel partner! <3

Can't help taking tons of photos as each nook and cranny looked picturesque! 
We had an enjoyable hour there just lounging around, looking around and snapping around! 
Then we hopped onto the tour bus again and headed to a nearby mall to kill some time before heading to our grand royal dinner!

There happened to have a night market going on so we spent all our time trying out local street food and buying some local crafts! 
Night market is an absolutely must go in Thailand so I was pretty pumped to be able to squeeze in a mini one on our first day! 

Mango sticky rice which tasted absolutely out of this world! 

Strange little sticks of grilled banana! 
I much preferred the juicy and squishy bananas,
but these which tasted like banana biscuits was an interesting twist! 

Around 8 pm. we hopped onto the tour bus and headed to a nearby royal dining restaurant which was absolutely brimming with tourists! 

The food was pretty average and we certainly did not enjoy the food, but the ambiance was pretty cool as we got to watch traditional Thai performances while we were dining! 

Then we checked into our hotel, which looked pretty dope on the outside, but pretty vintage and well-loved on the inside. Haha! 
But still we had a pretty pleasant stay there! 

Although we didn't do much on the first day, I surprisingly enjoyed every bit of day 1! And was totally looking forward to the next day! 

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