Jonlivia Lifestyle Club, SS2 - Grand Opening

Long time followers of mine would have known by now that I am always donning a pair of sweating pants when I am at the gym. I just genuinely love how these pants enhance my workout session by so much and I almost feel like my workout isn't quite as productive if I don't have these pants on! You could also read my review here!

And yes! For those who don't already know, these hot selling S+ Hotpants are unisex! Even male can wear it too! 

I personally know of many people have been wanting to get these pants but are fretting over the fit and the shipping etc. But now you could put all these hesitations aside and walk straight into their first-ever physical store to view the products with your own eyes and feel the products at your fingertips! 

How cool is that! 

Jonlivia, founded by John and Olivia, both passionate about being active, has finally launched the 1st ever activewear Lifestyle Club on the 25th of May, 2017 at their premises in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Still enthusiastic as ever about what they are doing all these while, Jon and Olivia are determined to help all fellow Malaysians to start living a healthy and active lifestyle without compromising style! 

Anyone who's experienced Jonlivia's products would have known that Jonlivia’s range of active wear is extremely comfortable to wear even though it is specially designed to enhance your workout session. Which is why it is equally great for those who wish to achieve a slimmer silhouette without having the time to workout at the gym. Every single piece of their active wear is made by using the latest technology paired with high-performance materials to ensure that you look, feel and perform your best with their items on! 

Being the first ever lifestyle club in Malaysia, not only do they sell the trendiest and most functional active wear for your extreme sweating session at the gym, they also have a multi-function fitness studio in its premises, where various classes will be conducted on a daily basis. Choose from Zumba, yoga, TRX and even flying yoga to start introducing some cardio session in your everyday life! 

It was such a fun-filled morning as the event was graced by a handful of local celebrities like Fauzi, Lisdawati, Agnes, Meow, Jane, Syaa and Emily. Numerous lucky draw sessions were also carried out in 15 minutes interval, making sure that all the attendees would go home with something they love!   John and Olivia also displayed immense generosity as all registered attendees who came to join the celebration also received door gifts worth over RM 500! 

An inspiring speech by the ambitious John! 

Once again, congratulations for Jonlivia's first big milestone! 

A fashion show was conducted to demonstrate the interesting array of active wear Jonlivia has to offer. 
They have also showcased how we could integrate these trendy pieces into our daily wear! 
It is no wonder Jonlivia is Malaysia'favoritete sweating pants brand! 

The opening ceremony ended with a bang with an aerial yoga performance by the famous celebrity yoga instructor. 

Jonlivia is adamant about giving back to their customers! So, do keep your eyes peeled on Jonlivia's website and their Facebook Page for more information!

In conjunction with the launch of the JLC in SS2, Jonlivia is offering customers free membership to JLC. Some of the membership perks include a lifetime free access to flying yoga, Zumba, and TRX classes at their studio! So wait no more and head over to JLC to start shopping and get in shape! 

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