SHO Ampoule Treatment Masks

Following my previous blog post on the SHO ampoule and ampoule treatment mask
this blog post is to further discuss my adoration for the SHO ampoule treatment mask. 
And today, I will break down each type of mask and help you decide which might be the best variant for your lifestyle/skin condition. 

Before I dive into the details of each product, 
Let me just briefly talk through what are treatment masks and what are these face masks generally for. 

SHO ampoule treatment masks are no ordinary face masks. 
These are not the type of face masks you opt for for a short-lived instant pick me up. 
You may have heard that some people reserve their face masks for special occasions and would normally use it on the day of the special event or the night before as those effects, though quick, do not normally last very long. 
SHO ampoule treatment masks are, however, designed to be a part of your weekly beauty regime. 
These nutrient packed masks take care of your problems, 
supple your skin with hydration and nutrients that your skin is lacking, 
and the molecules from the ampoules penetrate deep into your skin to continually treat your skin concern. 
As these treatment masks are really potent, you are advised to use them only once a week,
whilst enjoying longer lasting results.

As there are 5 different variants, all targeting different skin concerns,
I am here to share with you my thoughts on all of these variants,
and how to use them or when to use them to attain your most ideal skin yet.

1. SHO Aging Red Ginseng Ampoule Mask

Just in the recent years, ginseng's popularity as an anti-aging ingredient catapulted thanks to its abundance of phytonutrients, 
of which has the reputation for rejuvenating the look of your skin.

Some of the key benefits of using ginseng in skincare include:
1. Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as appearance of age spots
2. For sensitive and oily skin: Ginseng can help with balancing the sebum and hydration level while counteracting dryness.
3. Brightens skin tone
4. Protects the skin from environmental stressors.

Once you open the packet, you will be greeted with an orange-tint ampoule which definitely smells of ginseng, but not in a pungent and irritating way. 
If anything, the smell is authentic and somewhat therapeutic. 
I am not sure why but it does add to the relieve that the ampoule indeed contained ginseng extracts.
If you dislike the licorice scent, you may find the scent uncomfortable.
But honestly, the scent is really mild and you would get used to it after a while. 

As you could see from the picture above, there are still a ton of ampoule left even after you have taken out the sheet mask, 
so make sure that you apply some of the ampoule down to your neck, 
you could either apply it, or use cotton pads to soak up the ampoule and "mask your neck" at the same time. 
Our neck is amongst the first places on our body to show signs of aging so taking care of them is pivotal, you don't want your neck to give away your "real" age. 

As I have yet to see have age spots, or wrinkles on my skin, 
I guess I can't say for sure it's rejuvenating effects. 
But what I do notice, those fine lines which are normally prominent when my skin is dehydrated diminished after using this mask for in as little as 15 minutes. 
Plumped and bouncy skin was revealed after 15 minutes.
As they say, it's always better to prevent aging than treating aged skin, 
which is why I am happy to keep this in my skincare routine, 
and be sure to supply my skin with all the nutrients that my skin needs, 
before my skin loses its elasticity. 
Another thing worth noting is that I have really oily skin and I would normally wake up to a pool of oil sitting on my skin. lol. 
But using this the night before has allowed me to wake up to a dewy skin but not oily skin! 
Not only that, my skin didn't get the usual tight feeling after I rinse my skin with water in the morning, my skin still feels bouncy and hydrated. 

2. SHO Real Vita AA2G Ampoule Mask

I am pretty sure that many have heard about the immense benefits of vitamin C for our skin. 
But vitamin C or chemically known as Ascorbic acid, is generally unstable in water. 
Besides, once exposed to UV rays, Ascorbic acid would start oxidising which would lead to tremendous reduction on its effectiveness as free-radical scavengers following the oxidation process. 
It is for this exact reasons that the beauty industry has come up with a stabilised form of ascorbic acid derivative - Ascorbyl glucoside.
When properly formulated and absorbed into skin, Ascorbyl glucoside breaks down to Ascorbic acid
It works as an antioxidant and is well known for its ability to brighten the skin tone and reduces signs of aging.

I feel like this is probably the only variant that does not have a high viscosity ampoule; 
the ampoule appears runnier and lighter. 
Each pack is filled with a staggering 27ml of ampoule, and that's equivalent to almost 3x of what is being used on your skin during one facial session. 
This ampoule is slightly scented with a subtle citrusy scent that does not linger, once you have taken the mask off, the scent vanishes in no time. 
I absolutely love using this mask when I am at the end of my battle with my acne, 
when the inflammation has gone down, 
in order to tackle the problem of hyperpigmentation, 
as well as to improve the skin texture. 
From my personal experience, 
I liked using the face mask before my bed time. 
I would apply this face mask on for 15 minutes. 
Once the 15 minutes time is up, I would remove the face mask, 
wiped my face with toner, before proceeding with the rest of my skincare, 
which I kept pretty simple, eye cream and moisturiser. 
While you may think a mere 15 minutes of vitamin C supply wouldn't have done much at all to your skin, you will be surprised when you wake up to an incredibly radiant and brightened skin the next day. 
I almost couldn't believe my eyes after I did my morning cleanse.
My skin was smooth and supple.
My hyperpigmentation, though still exist, are so much less apparent. 
My skin texture also appear to have improved, probably due to how plumped my skin looked. 
I also adore how it gives my skin the natural dewy look for the next few days. 
Using it for 2 weeks in a row continues to improve my skin, but more drastically! 
I am in love with my renew-ed skin texture and the glow my skin is having. 
I guess it's safe to say I am completely obsessed with this variant, 
and I highly recommend anyone with hyperpigmentation to try this out! 

3. SHO Aqua Hyaluronic Ampoule Mask

Just like any of the SHO treatment mask, the SHO aqua hyaluronic ampoule mask has ampoule that feels heavier in comparison to normal face masks. 
And from the picture above, you should be able to see how much of the ampoule is still left in  the package once the mask is taken out. 
For those of you who want to make the most out of it, 
I would put on the face mask first, then top up more ampoule every 5 minutes, 
this way it prevents the sheet mask from drying out which would then draw moisture from your skin instead; and it makes sure that you're giving your skin a constant supply of nutrient for the entire 15-20 minutes. 

Did you know that when your skin is properly hydrated, you pretty much solved the majority of your skin problem? 
I didn't know this earlier either. 
So when you think that oily skin people like myself could easily pass on hydrating face masks just because of how oily our skin are, then you may have to re-evaluate your skincare routine. 

Hydrate your skin doesn't mean piling on a thick layer of moisturiser; that's called moisturising. 
Hydrating is essentially putting water into your skin, and it's important to lock in your hydration by applying a layer of occlusive moisturiser to prevent those hydration from escaping. 

When skin is well-hydrated, it is more plump and resilient. This is due, at least in part, to an ingredient in the skin called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid draws water to your skin and holds them in the skin. Well hydrated skin will gives your skin a healthier and vibrant look.

 So basically what Hyaluronic acid does is that it forms a barrier on the skin and gives a soft moisturizing effect that makes skin smoother. 
So this treatment mask is what I'd like to refer to as the basis of all skincare routine. 
It's especially great for those who doesn't have much problem to their skin, 
but would love to keep their skin in their youthful state, 
or those who experience dehydration (where your skin feels tight at times). 

On top of that, this mask is also great for those with oily and even acne prone skin. 
When you supply your skin with enough hydration, it will balance out your skin sebum and moisture level thereby reducing sebum production. 
It's also great for those with acne prone skin.
Using tropical treatments dry out the skin badly and disrupts the skin's protective barrier, 
so supplying hydration to the skin actually helps with the skin's healing and keeping the skin looking healthy. 
While it doesn't have a direct effect on acne, it's still essential to keep the skin hydrated even when you have acne prone skin. 

This mask is the one I go for after a deep cleansing mask, which can sometimes pull out the hydration from the skin. 
I make it a point to use this every time I am done with my clay mask. 
As it hydrates, it also slightly smooths out fine lines from my face as a results of dehydration. 
Though it doesn't provide wow results immediately, 
this is still a skincare essential to me, 
especially because we live in a hot and humid country, 
and dehydration occurs so easily. 

4. SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule Mask

Before we learn about how peptide works as an anti-wrinkle ingredient, 
it's pivotal to first learn about the fundamentals of human skin. 

Human skin is comprised mostly of collagen and collagen is basically a protein that is made of a  long chain of amino acids. 
Collagen is what accounts for the thickness of the skin
Generally younger people have smooth and tight skin because their body produces ample collagen, 
but as we age, as well as aggravation from the environmental stressors, collagen breaks down and is not fully replaced. 
This cause the skin to lose its volume and hence wrinkle formation.
When collagen breaks down, short segments of amino acids are formed. These are the tiny proteins and active molecules known as peptides. 
These peptides send a "message" to your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to generate more. 

Now imagine when these peptides are applied topically, your skin are made into thinking that the collagen in the skin has broken down thereby urging your body to manufacture new collagen. 
This way, you are actually encouraging collagen production, which would "cushion" the lost volume of the skin and thus minimising wrinkles and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Therefore, peptides in skin care can provide significant anti-aging benefits. 

Although I am still have a few years before I step into the big Three-O, 
but I can't help but noticing my fine lines starting to appear around my eyes, 
and these lines, though inconspicuous in normal human interaction distance, 
still freak me out whenever I am doing my make up, or scrutinizing my skin with a magnifying cosmetic mirror. 
The ampoule in the SHO winkle lift peptide ampoule mask has a thick texture, 
which would ensure that all the nutrients are locked into the skin while you have your face mask on. 
The thicker texture also means that the chances of you losing your ampoule to evaporation is much slimmer. 
But because it has a rather thick texture,
I would personally recommend once the 15 minutes time frame is up,
pat the excessive nutrient into the skin, 
and if you still feel like there's a tacky texture on the skin, 
gently rinse them with water before proceeding with your skincare. 
Although I do not have a lot of fine lines to begin with, 
I must say that after using this it really does help diminish the fine lines I have around my eyes especially whenever I smile. 
And if I go on too long without using this mask,
I would notice those pesky lines start appearing around my eyes again.
In addition to helping with the fine lines around my eyes, 
the main reason I was interested in peptides was to improve the texture of my skin. 
I have unsightly scarring on my cheeks so anything that helps with collagen boost is highly appreciated. 
It would be insane if these could help me get rid of those scars in just a few masking session, 
but I do love how it actually smooths out my skin slightly. 
What it does is, the scarring is obviously going to still be there, 
but it somehow miraculously plumped that area of my skin, 
and when I apply foundation on my skin, 
my skin appears less bumpy. 
It is very subtle to notice but for a person like me who takes a ton of photos,
it really does make a difference on the texture on my skin. 

5. SHO Real Barrier Madeca Ampoule mask

Just in case you missed it, I have previously declared my love for this ampoule mask in my previous blog post. 

The star ingredients in this mask are Centella Asiatica and madecassoside. Madecassoside is highly popular in Korea for its immense soothing benefit on the skin. It has the ability to reduce redness, sooth inflamed skin (including acne) and any sensitivities caused by external stimuli, repair skin barrier as well as stimulate collagen production to revitalise skin texture. 

This is great for anyone who has sensitive or even acne prone skin. 
My skin would sometimes get patch of redness here and there and I have noticed that if I don't attend to these redness, slowly but surely, acne will begin to form, 
I think those redness is a symptom for inflammation. 
And acne, again, is a form of inflammation as a result of clogged pores. 
So lately, I have found out that rather than targeting acne when it's form, 
it would make so much more sense to target and tackle these inflammation before it worsens over time. 
If I have noticed that my skin has been feeling rather red and splotchy,
I would apply this face mask and let it does its magic on my skin. 
I really love how it calms my skin. 
If you skin is appears less reddish, your skin generally looks healthier. 

This mask is also great for those who undergoes laser treatment for their skin, 
or those who goes for chemical peels / facials. 
People with sensitive skin like myself always leave the facial centre with red and angry skin and it would sometimes take days before the redness subside. 
But all of these concerns were eliminated ever since I started incorporating this sheet masks into my weekly pamper routine. 

Out of all the variant, if I have to recommend one for ACNE skin type, it will definitely be this variant. 
Centella Asiatica is a great collagen booster whilst protecting the hyaluronic acid and elastin breakdown, making it great especially for those who suffers from acne as it prevents hypertrophic scars and keloids. 
It is also great for wound healing; if you have popped your white heads or pimples, using this mask can accelerate would healing. 
And treats hyperpigmentation, especially the aftermath from inflammation / acne. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping our skin barrier in tact, when our skin barrier is well protected, our skin is basically free of ANY skin problems. 
And that's exactly why I have been a huge skin barrier protecting advocate as of late. 
Centella Asiatica retains hydration in your skin, while repairing your skin's protection barrier which prevents transepidermal water loss. 
Once your skin is well hydrated, your skin produces less oil, 
and reduces problems of clogged pores and hence inflammation and eventually reduces acne formation. 

Now that you've learnt all about their masks, 
I hope it helps you with your decision making. 
If you are keen in getting these face masks, 
 they are priced at RM159 (27ml x 7 pcs)
SHO products are available at:
 SHO Malaysia FB
and 50 selected Sasa stores
as well as
UYA Asia:
*enter promo code SHO10 to get RM10 off on UYA Asia website*

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