Haechi Korean BBQ Restaurant

I thought maybe it's sufficient to dedicate this blogpost to this restaurant instead of my day but I then realised I didn't take enough photos to write something about this restaurant. HAHAHAHA.

But I have visited this place twice, I think it suffices to say that I really am loving new place in the town!

It is opened by Korean couples, which means we could taste genuine korean cuisine without having to sacrifice our wallet's thickness on air fare.

As you could see, I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to food, I always opted for the old dishes I have tried just to be safe and also because it tasted soooo good I really wanted to eat it again! 

On our second visit we have also tried out some other dishes, which I have failed to take photos because I have completely forgotten that I wanted to blog about it. I have ditched the habit to take photos of everything just to fill up my blog posts with some visuals. Hahahhahaa. 

So one tips here, if you know some korean dishes but you don't see it on the menu, don't be afraid to ask them, they could still prepare for you! 

Ok. I think I have failed miserably this time on writing a review on a restaurant. Will make up next time! Promise!!! 

On another note, I have also finished the novel that I had been raving about for the past few days. It is soooooo soooo good I almost cried when it ended. But it also taught me that true love does exist, well maybe only fictionally. Hahahahahha. 

That's all for today! 

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