Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant and Bar, Taipan

In case you haven't already know, I love eating out. I think my family members just love the idea of eating out, because you get to indulge in a great ambiance that the restaurant has managed to compose, and also able to savour the food at its finest, when it is fresh and hot. Someday last year I googled to find for a great restaurant around area of USJ, and I stumbled upon this restaurant.

I have always loved Mexican food, but I have only tried Chillie's and no where else. So when I found out that there is a Mexican restaurant around, I am overjoyed! I have read good reviews on this restaurant so I had high expectations for it. I read that this could top Chilli's, so I am really excited to testify the commentary.

Their operation hour for lunch is from 11am-3pm. We were there around 2.45pm and were terrified if they were just going to refuse us from dining there.I scurried into the restaurant, with my skin thickened ready for rejection, but they were really kind to accommodate us and allowed us to pick whichever seats we desired.

When we entered the restaurant, we were all astounded by the beautiful mexican design. Not be fooled by the simple design from the outside, it is as though we travel into another world, with dim light and light music. I would say the ambiance itself is an attraction.

Awkward pose. Hahahahaha.

My sister managed to captured the nicely lit LED behind of me. Looks like a christmas tree isn't it? 

We were exultant when we found out that set lunch package is still available even it's weekend. Who on earth does not love a complete meal package? 

The set lunch comes with an appetizer-soup, a main-a few choices available, and it ends with a dessert, or you may choose carbonated drinks like coke. 

If you do not eat Nachos in a Mexican restaurant, you may as well just dine in any other ordinary restaurant. LOLOL. I think they normally give complimentary Nachos if you are taking their meals, not the promotional ones. I read it elsewhere. But since we were taking set lunch, we ordered some nachos to share! 

 These Nachos are by far the best Nachos I have ever had in my entire life till this moment I am writing this. I am not even exaggerating. Oh wait, it is probably because I really do not eat nachos that often. Hahahaha. But I really this little teaser is a good start to judge if the main food was worth trying and we were already anticipating the mains whilst we were munching on this crispy yet cheesy and nicely flavoured nachos. 

 They then served us our soup that came along with the set lunch. I do not know what they have put in this soup, but I assure you, it will leave you wanting more. I was crestfallen when I was finishing it because I wish it never had finished just like that. It is creamy and fragrant. Maybe it was the capsicum, or maybe it was the chicken floss. Or maybe it is just the chicken stock they use. I don't know but I know it tastes delicious!

 This is my main. Roasted Lamb Shoulder. I do not remember the exact name but if you flip through the menu, you should be able to find this. The lamb was very succulent and juicy. It was roasted to perfection, you wouldn't taste the pungent lamb taste which frightened many, but yet it remained the enough amount of taste to melt in your taste buds. It was good, except the portion could be bigger. Hahahahaha. Whoa look at this big eater. LOLOL.

 This is the black pepper chicken chop if I am not mistakened. It is like any other black pepper chicken chop you could taste, but slightly better. The pepper was not too overpowering and overall it was good.

 Yo kid give me that burrito! I love burrito/wrap or whatever you may call it. It has the perfect carbs and proteins and fibres proportion and I just love how wrap taste with everything , especially those that come with gravy. This is exactly the case! The wrap was done just nice to not lose its tenderness and yet not too hard that you have to struggle with the knife before you could eat it.

 Pan grilled Dori Fish. Dori fish gets really soft and if you overcook it. But this is the exact opposite. It was cooked thoroughly yet it is easy to eat and did not get too soft. It was nicely cooked. You could taste the freshness of the fish by this simple way of cooking.

Lamb shank! Lamb shank is also nicely done! And the gravy perfectly complement the lamb and it was just a great combination! 

The price for each set is around RM30. The maximum is RM30 if I am not mistaken. So it is definitely worth it on the financial front and the satisfaction wise. 

Las Carretas 
Phone: 03 5637 3058 / 03 4257 1668, Fax: 03 5637 3059
Address: No. 14, USJ 10/1E, Subang Uep, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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