Yew's cafe, Taman Perling

Whenever we visit Johor state, we tend to try more western cuisine and cafe rather than ordinary Chinese cuisine. It was because, the Chinese food here was overpriced, and the total would be equitable to that of western cuisine. For the price that we are paying, we would always opt for western cuisine, which is usually overpriced anyway. LOLOL. If that makes sense....

So anyway, we saw this great restaurant, which its chain has mushroomed all around JB since their first branch and had even evolved into beauty lines and such. WOW!

This cafe has a mixed decorations. As much as I would like to say it is nicely decorated, it has a slightly Malay-ish decoration, which is not really up to my liking. And, they were using plastic chairs, which was quite a disappointment for me, because it made the whole place looked rather cheap.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our time there, on a casual Sunday afternoon, because the place was not crowded. So we got to talk and laugh the way we liked it.

Let's get straight into the food and opinions.

 Yew's salad. 
Which, the salad dressing is the BOMB. 
I think it's sesame salad dressing, I dunno.
But we all gone berserk, because it tasted so good!

Cod fish spaghetti. 
I think the portion is rather small for the price we are paying. 
The food was not very impressive but it was okay!

Onion soup.
A dish most of the restaurants could nail it. 
Again, it wasn't super impressive or unforgettable, 
but it was good. 

Asian delight for my dad. 
He picked Nasi Briyani, 
which came in a fancy pot. 
It tasted pretty good according to my dad. 

Quite an average one. 
And I can't stress enough how the portion is not on par with the price. 

Grilled salmon. 
Again! The portion is rather devastating. LOL. 
They should not have been so stingy on ingredients they are using. LOL. 
There wasn't any wow factor,
but it was ok to fill the tummy. 

Overall, the place here offers average quality food, but the portion is really very small compared to other western cafes/ restaurants. 

Address: No. 266, Jalan Persisiran Perling 1, Taman Perling, Johor, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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