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Thai Thai @ Sunway Pyramid

I guess I need no explanation for my obsession for Thai cuisine. Hahahaha. 

This is a rather strangely located restaurant I would say. It is in between a jewellery shop and a beauty shop. It has a small entrance, with a menu displayed at the entrance. You may check out the price and the food they offer before stepping into the shop. 

We have always contemplated dining here, but the price kind of scared us away. 
But this day, we decided to give it a go. 

And when I stepped into the restaurant, I was enraptured by the beautiful interior designing. 
It is yet, another modern Thai restaurant. 
Besides, the place is incredibly spacious once we stepped into it. It has a long stretch to the end, quite a number of seats to cater to their multitude customers. 
Needless to say,  this place is always crowded! 

This is the infamous Thai style of cooking chicken. 
It is the Pandan chicken.
Every bite is a burst of fragrance coming from the spices and a hint of pandan. 
Chicken is nicely cooked, not too hard nor too soft. 
Loved it. 

I don't know how many out there hate this dish, 
Hahahahahahha. I love how unique petai tastes. LOL. 

Another style of chicken. 
Again, have problem with remembering the name. 
But it tastes great!!! 
Soury and spicy. Perfect combination.

Can't eat rice without an omelette, 
because we are omelette fanatic.

Tom yam soup!
This is among the best tom yam soup I have ever had! 
I even shed tears because it was just way too spicy! 
But I really loved it! 

I think this place is definitely worth a try, if you have a couple of hundreds to spare for the month.
It is, indeed, slightly overpriced. 
But their speed of food serving is really fast! 
And the food was really delicious! 
Our total bill was about 350 including 3 drinks and taxes. 

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