Ippudou Ramen, Kulai JB

While you think I am here to talk about the renown Ramen shop in town, Ippudo Ramen, I am so sorry but you will be crestfallen as you read further. I was also, sold by the name and reckless about the slight difference in the spelling.

I read a good review about this place earlier and I thought whoa, finally there's a cool Japanese restaurant which people rave about in KL opening up here, but when I got there, I was like? Eh? Why is the design radically different and they don't look like an upmarket Ramen shop at all.

With all the jubilance I had earlier and how contrasting the shop is with my expectation, I almost not dine there, but, I thought, the review said it was good, we should totally give it a world. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover.

So we went anyway. I must say the interior design was completely out, it was not cosy at all, and the furniture just looked cheap. One thing that vexed me the most has got to be the flies.

We went on the reading the menu and gosh, it doesn't look good at all, everyone in my family was already complaining but I was chilled and said, I read good review about it so wait until we tasted the food...

 Takoyaki which tasted So-so. 
Price range around RM9.00

 Ramen which doesn't look very ramen at all, 
but my mum said the broth tasted quite all right! 
Price range around RM20.00

 My duck meat dried Ramen, 
It tasted quite all right. 
Nothing memorable about the taste, 
but at least the duck meat was acceptable. 

 Stir-fried Ramen,
which tasted again, So-so. 
Nothing worth remembering. 

Sushi platter
Price range around RM50.00. 
This was again, So-so. 
Definitely not the freshest ingredient.

So now if you ask me if I would pay a second visit to this place, I am sorry but I had to say no! I am not impressed at all! But the price was rather reasonable, but I certainly think it is still not worth the money because the portion is fairly small! And the ambiance was definitely not on par with some other Japanese restaurant in town. 

Ippudou Ramen
48, Jalan Kenanga 29/3, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai Johor

(I remember they put up a banner saying they are moving, so I shall update if I found the latest address of them)

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