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It is already no secret how much my family and I love Nyonya cuisine. I guess it is in the blood. My mum grew up eating Nyonya food cooked by her parents every single day. So, the best way for my mum to reminisce those old times, has got to be bringing her to a Nyonya Restaurant. 

I am constantly on the hunt for great Nyonya and Thai restaurant. When I saw this place on the internet, I was sold, from the images of the place. The ancient design, the posh dining hall and antique collection have attracted me, I knew I must give this place a visit. 

However, it is relatively difficult to find this place. It is secluded in a quiet neighbourhood, with only one row of shop lots, but all of them are cool restaurants/ cafe. 

It was no surprise, I was captivated by the beautiful design from the outside, alas when I stepped my foot in, I was slightly dejected, because I expected to see the beautiful dining hall as shown in the pictures from the web. But what greeted us was ordinary marble round table.

Still, the place was beautiful... 

Then, the staff was kind enough to offer us a tour around the restaurant. I thought, yea, finally I get to see what I saw from the web. The staff said this place is famous amongst film makers and production team, people often book this place for filming or photoshooting. They also do catering services, and hosts parties and celebration. Just make sure you arrange with them beforehand!

Ancient Kebaya owned by the Nyonya.


They have a fair mixture of western influence. 
Which made sense,
because Malaysia, Penang especially, 
was ruled by the British, 
and those were also the time where Nyonyas were abundant!

After we were done with the touring, 
our food was already served. 
I told them to hang on before I take photo of the food. HAHHAHAHA.

 Fried Spring Roll. 
Normal Spring Roll uses pork and very generous with Yam, 
but they replaced with chicken to make it Muslim friendly, 
hence the blandness. 

 Jiu Hu Char.
Also, pretty bland. 
And honestly, it doesn't even look appealing, 
because Jiu Hu Char is supposed to look darker, and cooked till they are dry. 
This is not on par with my expectation. 

 Rendang Ayam.
This tasted quite all right. 
It has got to be the best dish of them all, 
though not very impressive. 

Can't go on a day without egg. 

 Bitter gourd. 
Which was... OUT? It tasted so bland,
and very bitter. 
Basically other than bitter, there was nothing else. 

 Asam Pedas. 
Which in overall is a failure. 
It wasn't soury, it wasn't spicy, 
it was only salty... 
And the fish was not so fresh, 
so it was a disappointment. 

And it's dessert time! 
 Pulut hitam! 
This one tasted great! 
Mainly because, any pulut mayam with generous coconut milk should taste good. 

 Chendol is bae! 
I love a good chendol. 
It tasted all right. 
Nothing too special. 
The best one is still the one I had in Malacca. 

 The tour guide, 
whom I believe should be the manager of this restaurant, 
kindly gave us fruit rojak at the end of our meal. 
But we were all super stuffed by then.. 

Now it's time for some sincere comment. I think the whole place is undeniably beautiful, but the waitress, who took our food order, was very inconsiderate. She ordered large portion for all of us, which was INSANE, because there were so much of food and we ended up letting some of the food to waste, because we were too stuffed. And... All the food was sooooooo superrrrrrrrrr overpriced, our total bill came up to over 350, which was insane! Because these were just normal food, it's not even a delicacy or the sort. SHOCKING PRICE TAG!

I WOULDN'T go back to this place again. The food was really under my expectation. And I could get really good nyonya food at a fraction of their price.

  1. Address: 23, Jalan 17/56, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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