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Oriental Viva @ Viva Home Shopping Mall, KL

 It was Mother's Day, and we were left with only ONE restaurant in the Oriental Group of Restaurants list to fulfill, so we just had to go for this, and sum up once and for all, all our dining experience with the Oriental Group of Restaurants! 
This has got to be the farthest restaurant for us to go to, which is why it has been reserved for the last. But I have seen many talked about how beautiful their decor is, and if you haven't already known, it is also ranked in the top 10 nicest restaurants for wedding reception! 

The lighting was not cooperating, so I didn't manage to capture the beauty of the restaurant! Pictures don't do justice for such lovely atmosphere anyway, so drop by and feel it yourself. 

This place is refined yet relaxed. The yellow lighting and ash tone exudes modern elegance, whereas red deets added a touch of happiness! We visited them on a quieter day, so most of the sections were closed. But this premise is incredibly spacious, and it would definitely be the perfect venue for any kind of chinese-themed celebrations. 

 To save the indecisive us from picking out the best dishes they had to offer, 
we opted for their set menu! 

And because it was set menu, the speed of service was just impressive. 
First dish was served within 15 minutes after placing our order. 
We can't complain, because we have travelled all the distance, and we were famished! 

Soft shell crab was fried to golden perfection, 
underneath we had a piece of cucumber smothered with a thick sweet sauce, 
soft mantou compemented the crunch soft shell crab incredibly. 
It was an appetising start! 

I have to say, I never encouraged eating shark's fin, and I personally never really like them, 
cause well, they are just pure bland silicony food. 
But I love love love the broth that came with the shark's fin! 
This one especially! 
The usual starchy broth was made special with the fragrance of the coconut flesh! 
It was sweet and salty, refreshing and satisfying! 
It was no doubt the winner of the day.

If you lie Kung Po style, it's almost guaranteed that you are going to like this dish! 
Fresh and juicy king prawns were stir fried with the slightly spicy sauce, 
and onions gave additional flavours to the prawns!
The prawns were kept warm and flavours were preserved well with the use of claypot! 

A fine cantonese cusine is not complete without western inspired pork ribs! 
I don't normally like ribs, because eating them is such a chore! 
But I love how they are able to keep the meat tender and juicy! 
When cook appropriately, pork ribs are such a sinful pleasure to enjoy! 
Pork ribs were very nicely marinated, and herbs were used to elevate the flavour! 
Don't forget to gobble down the soury shot of citrus juice, 
to help ease digestion! 

Probably the simplest dish of the day, but it was done right! 
Freshness and crunchiness of the lettuce were retained!

Our carb of the day was this congee alike boiled rice! 
The soup was delightful! 
It was boiled with seafood, and seasoned with generous amount of garlics and herbs! 
The sweetness and flavour came from the prolonged boiling with the seafood, 
so it was really addictive! 

Our simple meal ended with a tropical fruit platter. 

 The greatest mum of the whole universe! 

My sister, Jasmine!

 J and D, as always! Matching outfits! Heh! 
 D just loves capturing me when I am not prepared. HA! 

It was an enjoyable dining experience in the Oriental Viva! 
Food was, as usual, slightly expensive, as it is afterall a Fine Cantonese Restaurant! 
The meal that we had that day was rather simple, so I do anticipate coming back to try out more options on the menu! 

Oriental Viva
Address: Lot 3-32, 3-33 & 3-K-11, Third Floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall, Plaza Uncang Emas, No. 85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-9283 8833

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  1. You and your sister do look alike! Haha!
    Nice outfit with your BF tho :)


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