Perth Travelogue Day 1 - Ribs and Burgers; Superstar Waffles

I am finally here to document my Perth trip! 
We went there in July during Raya break, and it couldn't have been a better timing, 
I was so happy that I got to experience their coldest climate, winter time. 

Our flight was about 8 in the morning, and it took us 5 hours or so to get to Perth Airport, which means we were able to check-in at our hotel right away, and we would be able to stroll around the neighbourhood for a bit and grab ourselves dinner! 

We spent 6 nights at The Great Souther Hotel in Northbridge. I highly recommend checking this hotel out as it is within walking distance to all the good food, and you could even walk to the CBD if you would like to! 

After placing our luggage in the room, we stormed out of the hotel to the streets, and we were all pumped to explore this lovely place! The sun was still out as it was about 4pm, so the weather stayed at the comfortable 15-degree Celcius and below. 

 Wefie in front of our hotel! 

Just because it was our first day here, everything fascinated me! 
 The brown maple tree leaves...

 The wall of the streets which were beautified with graffiti...

 Random stores that showcase mandarin signage,
made me think that I went to China instead...

 Fluffy clouds adorning bright blue sky...

 How beautiful their back alley can get... 

 Malaysian cuisine that cost a bomb... 

 Chinese cuisine that looked really tempting... To really just every single detail of this place... 

I fell in love immediately. 
I love how laid back the people there were, and how everything was within walking distance. 
I could walk for days under such lovely weather!

We were, however slightly annoyed by all the problems we faced when we were trying to get a local SIM. From expired SIM to failed activation, it was a nightmare. So my advice is to get a local sim ONLY at their telco stores! It will save you all the hassle! 

After numerous failed attempts to activate our sim, the sun has set, and our stomach was already growling. So we decided to leave the SIM problems aside, refuel and continue to marvel at the beauty of this lovely town.

Our first meal of the day was at Ribs and Burgers! 
This place came highly recommended amongst the locals as well as people who have travelled to Perth. 

 I was immediately convinced that this place is indeed popular when I saw the long queue outside of the restaurant, fully occupied tables and sold out item on the menu!

 Inspired by the American diners culture, the interior of this place is definitely nostalgic, but authentic at the same time. And this was expressed from the earnest staffs in the restaurant, as well as the cooks in the kitchen! 

 Like the name suggests, this place only serves what they are best at- Ribs and Burgers! 
They make everything wholeheartedly, to provide their patrons a dining experience that is unforgettable. 

 To allow better bonding with their customers, this place adopts an open kitchen concept. The exposure of their operations had opened my eyes to how they emphasize greatly on the theatre of food preparation and thence providing hearty gourmet food to their customers. 

 This place uses tremendous wooden elements and gold detailing, which all of them scream vintage! 
The premise is pretty spacious, and it is most definitely casual and comfortable! 

 We opted for outdoor seating as it was a full house that evening! 

 This restaurant was really busy, so naturally, the wait was pretty long too! 
But we were fortunate enough to have been able to secure ourselves a table that could accommodate the 8 of us! 

All of their ribs were slowly cooked for 8 hours, so the tenderness of the ribs was retained! 
It was really pleasant eating these lamb ribs as the glazing was perfect! 
It was as flavourful to the taste buds as it is to our olfactory! 

The meat was really tender and the BBQ sauce was really appetising! 
I found many glazings on the pork ribs to be too sweet, 
but this was just perfect. 
It provided a great taste to the perfectly roasted ribs without being overpowering! 

Lamb patty, green apple, rocket, onion, blue cheese mayonnaise and aioli.
This was definitely the winner of the night! 
The combination was out of the world! 
Apple was a great contrast to the strong blue cheese mayo! 
Sweet and salty, it was a harmonious combination!

 All the ribs were served with Chips! 

Beef patty, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles with BBQ & Aunty Joan’s pink sauce.
This is definitely a reminiscence of American burgers, with the overflowing cheese and beef patty! 
The beef lovers in our group approved its deliciousness! 

 PORK RIBLETS IN BBQ SAUCE (Half $17; Full $24)
This dish was slightly disappointing as you could tell from the picture, 
it was slightly overcooked. 

 One plus point of this restaurant, free filtered water were available! 

 The delicious food, the lovely environment, friendly staffs, and affordable prices made the whole dining experience an amazing one! 
I would definitely recommend experience it yourself!

Ribs and Burgers
Address: Shop 24, 140 William Street, Perth WA 6000
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am – 9:30pm
            Fri-Sat: 11am – 10pm
Contact:  08 9321 4888

After a very filling dinner, we continued to explore the streets around Northbridge. 
And on the way back to our hotel, we stumbled upon this name, SuperStar Waffles. 
Which again, was another talk of the town! 

 It is somewhat secluded in an arcade like this,
but the huge signage outside this arcade is hard to be missed. 

 This place is definitely simple but cosy! 
The indoor seating area is more suited for lovely couples who have a sweet tooth, 
or for a few friends to come by for a small chit chat over dessert! 
If you come in groups, they do have tables to accommodate about 8 at the outdoor area. 

 The menu was pretty self-explanatory, 
they serve Waffles! 
And beverages to go along with the waffles! 

We picked out three highly recommended items on the menu, 
as suggested by the waitress.

Fresh cut banana pieces sitting on a bed of homemade warm toffee, topped with biscuit crumble, served with a shot of maple syrup and fresh cream. 
To me, banana goes well with chocolate and toffee. 
So it does not come off as a big surprise. 
But I do enjoy the freshly made waffle smothered with all the above mentioned goodness.

Homemade marshmallow fluff sandwiched between the fresh waffles, topped with nutella + biscuit crumbles, served with fresh creams. 
This was the sweetest amongst the three, and I reckon this would be widely loved by the younger community. 
If you love S'mores, make sure to go for this one! 

Homemade apple pie filling, topped with crumbled and toasted muesli, served with a shot of maple syrup and fresh cream. 
This was the winner of them all! 
Warm apple was a great topping for the crunchy waffles. 
I like to cut a piece of waffle, place a piece of warm apple on top, 
and drizzle the tiniest amount of maple syrup to soften the waffle, 
and put them all in my mouth! 

And the waffles were devoured in a matter of seconds despite just having our dinner just less than half an hour ago! 
Do pay them a visit should you are in need of something to lift up your mood, 
these charming desserts put a smile on our face! 

SuperStar Waffles
Address: 8/189 William Street Arcade, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Hours: Mon- Thurs 1-20pm
             Fri 1-11pm
             Sat - Sun 10am-10pm

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