Perth Day 4- Perth CBD

We only had our first 2 days pre-booked with tour packages, so that means, from the 4th day onward we would have all the day to ourselves. 

Like I mentioned earlier, we hadn't been able to properly explore the city in the first few days, and as a city girl that I am, this was the day I was most anticipated for! 
Ps. It was also the only day I got to spend some dating time with D so I was really excited! 

Travelling around Perth is the easiest thing ever! You get to hop on and off their CAT buses for free as long as it's within the vicinity of Perth city. 
We took a 15 minutes walk to get to a nearby bus station, and we pretty much just hopped on any buses that take passengers to city centre! (Look for bus 60, 67, 68, 95)

We hopped down of the bus once we arrive at the city centre! And what greeted us was this giant ancient looking church! I just couldn't resist taking photo in front of these beautiful churches in Perth! 

And then we pretty much just wandered the streets freely without having anything in mind at all. 
We also randomly popped into shops that we don't normally see in Malaysia.
Contrary to popular beliefs, the Ozs are really friendly towards Asians, or to us to say the least!
We walked into Jurlique to have a look and we came out with some freebies although we didn't buy anything from there! 

There are a few iconic places in Perth which are must see! 
One of them is this beautiful candy shop located just right beside of wolf lane! 
In case you haven't already known, wolf lane is famous for its beautifully painted mural that's absolutely insta-worthy! 

Whilst we were mindlessly walking, we found ourselves enraptured by various luxurious window displays, and that's when we knew we were at Hay Street. We don't normally see luxury shops along the streets in Malaysia so I found it really intriguing! We enjoyed window shopping along the street and marveled at those beauties which we can't afford!

Just about 5 minutes later, we came to the cross roads where His Majesty's Theatre is located! Another iconic landmark that's worth coming for a peek!

If you turn left and continue to walk along this street, you will have fun shopping at some of the exciting shops like the Priceline Pharmacy and JR duty free shopping! 
I love shopping at local pharmacies because they carry so many brands and products that Malaysian pharmacies don't carry! I got myself a lot of hair products like dry shampoo, hair spray, sea salt spray etc as well as skin care brands like Laroche Posay which is so hard to get hold of in Malaysia! 
As for JR duty free shopping, I highly recommend checking out their skin care and make up from Clarins and Lancome, perfume deals and many more! 

We then continued to wander aimlessly until we stumbled upon a beautiful mall, the Enex 100 mall. Be prepared to shop till you drop in this mall as it houses various brands from the high ends to high streets. I was so lucky to have gotten myself a pair of Fit Flop at only $30! Such a bargain! 

It was about 1pm after so much of shopping and we were famished by then, so, while we were in Enex 100, we decided to have our lunch at the Greenhouse Cafe (read more about it here).

Our meals were absolutely lovely and it's undoubtedly the best meal we have had in Perth!

Just right beside of Greenhouse Cafe, there was another beautiful church! And you guessed it right, I went for another mini photoshoot session with such gorgeous architecture as my background!

Along the road, there was another landmark of Perth- London Court. 
This place is absolutely stunning but we were extremely unfortunate because the inside of the building was having some revamp so it was covered with scaffolding and nets. 
But still we had loads of fun walking along this interesting little streets which sell mainly souvenirs. 

As you walk to the end of London Court, you will be greeted by yet another famous shopping street in Perth, the William Street! This was also another favourite street of mine! They have all the exciting shops like Lush, T2, Target etc!

We went into Lush and got ourselves an interesting looking soap that smells absolutely divine! We wanted to check out the famous pancake in Carillon City but we were gutted when we found out that this place closes by 3pm! What!

Anyway, we continued to explore this amazing city and before the sun set, we got ourselves some burritos at a random shop before we hopped on a bus to get back to our hotel!

Naked burrito which tasted soooo soooo good! 

At night, we just walked around Northbridge and ended our day with some delicious looking dessert from a random Taiwan dessert shop - Icey Ice iDessert

Grass Jelly with Taro balls and Red Bean

Ginger Soup Touhua (beancurd)

Beancurd topped with red beans, chewy pearls and taro balls! 

Their desserts were pretty good but there are rooms for improvement! 
Snowflakes in Malaysia certainly serves better ones than these! 

Address: 2/297 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Phone:+61 8 9328 8058
Hours: 12–10:30PM

And that was our Day 4 in Perth! 

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