Christmas in Hong Kong Day 3 - Mido Cafe, Wong Tai Sin, Tsui Wah and Angel Share

It's the day 3 of my HK adventure! Feel free to read about our day 1 and my day 2!

The weather that day turned out to be the best throughout the entire trip, which by the way in our context it means COLDDDD! 

We headed out early in the morning to look for this ancient cafe named Mido Cafe before starting our exciting day ahead! 

The upstairs was brimming with patrons! 
And I had to say, it exuded a totally different vibe from that of downstairs. 
It was all vintage yet chic, lively and noisy upstairs! 

But we were seated downstairs, which is the total opposite of what you'd expect from what's above. 
We were the only customers, so it was absolutely quiet, and not gonna lie, we really enjoyed the privacy and not to mention, tons of space we were getting!

My eyes were still slightly red from the inflammation, so I wasn't wearing any contacts! 
Thankfully I had D to be my glasses, he led the way and brought me around! Heh! 

No breakfast in Hong Kong is complete without a cup of warm milk tea for D! 
And D utterly obsessed with theirs! 
It was thick and absolutely creamy, and the tea was really aromatic too! 
He was so tempted to order a few more, but he knew he had his calories intake to take care! Ha! 

I am a bread person in the morning, so I ordered a Ham and Egg sandwich, 
which as you could tell, turned out pretty mediocre. 

Although this ketchup pork chop dish doesn't look too appealing, we actually quite enjoyed the dish! 
The pork chop was fried to golden perfection, but still really tender on the inside! 
The sauce was tomato but with a hint of creamy taste, which went really well together! 
Simple yet delicious! 

Mido Cafe 
Address: 63 Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Hours:  8:30AM–9:45PM
Phone: +852 2384 6402

We decided to visit Wong Tai Sin Temple to thank the cupid for pulling us together. 
The wind was soooo strong that I couldn't really walk with my skirt. LOL. 
So we went back to our place, and get changed into winter appropriate outfit before visiting the temple! 

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most accessible temples in Hong Kong. 
You just need to hop onto the MTR, and alight at the Wong Tai Sin Temple, 
and within a 5 minutes walk, 
you will see the temple standing right in front of you!

If you have seen my vlog, you would have seen that this place was absolutely crowded that day! 

Reminder to everyone who's there to pray, you don't need to purchase any joss sticks from anyone!
Joss sticks are provided at one corner of the temple, where most people ignite their joss sticks! 
We got cheated for $10HKD which may seemed like nothing, but I freaking got conned into buying joss sticks everytime I came here and it pissed me off. 
I can't fathom why do people even cheat money in a freaking temple where it should be all about kindness? 
It sort of ruined my morning a little. 

But we still saw the Chinese Cupid and prayed. ❤❤❤

This is the place to get your joss sticks FOC! 

After our prayer, we took the MTR and head to Central! 
D was super excited to explore Central cause he hadn't been here the last time he was in HK! 

I brought him to Tsui Wah restaurant, which then became his fave restaurant of all time in HK! LOL!

Tsui Wah has tons of branches all around HK and Kowloon, so it's easy to find one! 

These were the food we ordered, and oopppsss!! 
Left out photos of each dish! 
But you could see them in the vlog below! 
Everything tasted goooddd!! 
And we especially enjoyed the Almond Tea with Egg White. 
D'd been dying to drink it once more before heading back to M'sia but was told that it's only available in the afternoon, so take note! 

After our filling meal, we pretty much just wandered around the streets of central and did some massive shopping! 

When it was dinner time, we met up with William couzzieee again for yet another memorable dinner! 

We had Gogyo Ramen, a famous Ramen chain from Japan. 
Their Ramen was heavenly! 
Read more about it here

After yet another satisfying meal, we explored around central Hong Kong. 
We saw tons of impressive Christmas Decor, topped any of the mall in Malaysia! 

Ginormous polar bear that moves!!! 

We also walked to the rooftop open space area to catch a glimpse of the stunning night view of HK! 

Stunning night view of various skyscrapers, crisp cold breeze and an amazing companion. 
It was a lovely night! ❤❤❤

We then walked to another mall to see another amazing christmas decor! 
Each mall has totally different decor and one is better than the other. 
We were so mindblown! 
These circus themed animals even moved with music at every 15 minutes interval! 

We then rambled on the streets some more, just to see more of Hong Kong with our own eye on feet! 

The famous pebble street.

The iconic police station! 

And then, William took us to a lush but quaint Whiskey Bar, Angel's Share. 

As soon as the lift door opens at level 2, you will be greeted with Angel's share proud collection of whiskey bottles on display! 

Every nook and cranny of this premise screams lush and posh to me. 
Comfortable and lush velvet seating was the best part of this space, perfect for chilling with a bunch of friends after a long day. 
They also have private rooms for secretive business meeting, that explained why this place is so loved amongst business men. 

We were there for some exotic Yamazaki whiskey, and D's love for whiskey has since sparked there and then. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to just chill and sip on some of your fave drink while chatting away into the night. 
We had a couple of relaxing hours here, before we joined in the crazy crowd which was anticipating to countdown to Christmas! 

Angel's Share
Address: 2/F Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Road, Central
Direction: 7-min walk from Exit C, Hong Kong MTR Station
Telephone:  2805 8388

William said it's only sensible to take photos with the iconic HK police vehicles which are always seen on HK TVB dramas, so we did! 

Determined to come back the next day when it opens to get a taste of the notorious Milk Tea! 

Ohhh! Stunning night view, be still my heart...

Had the honour to visit the HK's winter wonderland and it was incredible! 
It was extra fun with the cold breeze kissing our cheeks every now and again, 
now this is what I call Christmas! 

Just before midnight, we caught the ancient ferry to go back to Tsim Sha Tsui from central! 
Didn't manage to take a photo of it cause we were literally running to the ferry just before it left the jetty! 
Then we had some peaceful moment just admiring the night views and the cold breeze! 

Tsim Sha Tsui was madness. 
It was sooooooo cramped with people making us really difficult to get to our hotel. 
The police blocking major walkways certainly didn't help. 
We got lost a few times before finding the right way back to our place. 

It was midnight when we got back to our hotel! 

It was a hectic day but it was a really fun one as we got to see so much of HK and the weather was great! 

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