Hatyai Day 1 - Mayflower Grande hotel and Xiong Ji Restaurant

End of last year, we made a pretty spontaneous trip to drive all the way into Hatyai! 
While it may have been the most cost-effective mode of transportation to get to Hatyai, 
it was, however, a horribly time-consuming one!

So we totally oversimplified everything and we thought we departed early enough, we should be able to beat the traffic. But the truth was, everyone, happened to have the same perception towards the traffic. So well ended up stuck in the traffic. 

A supposedly 6 hours-ish drive took us more than 8 hours. 

But that's still not the worst part. 

The worst part was the immigration office! 
When we arrived we were in utter consternation when we saw the queue was so long that it had practically made a few rounds around the immigration building. 
And it was incredibly hot and sunny. 

We queued and queued. 
And we finally made it about 5pm! 
And bear in mind that we were awake since 2.30-3am. 

And after all the hassle, it took us another hour or so to get into Hatyai town centre. 

And yes. We wasted a big chunk of our day. 

We checked into our hotel (in case you care, it was fully booked) which we have booked beforehand, 
we had a quick shower and headed out for dinner! 

The hotel we stayed was Mayflower Grande Hotel! 
I personally would recommend this hotel for its incredibly strategic location (opposite to 7-11, walking distance to morning and night market, tons of massage centre nearby, tons of food options!)

P/S. Had to pick up cute bits and bobs from Thai 7-11!

After a quick shower, we headed out for dinner at Xiong Ji Restaurant. 

This restaurant reminds me of the Chinese restaurants which we are all familiar with back in our own country. 
You get to choose from the wide array of seafood and vegetable choices available for that day, and it's a cook-to-order style. 

It's a home-y kinda restaurant, and I believe the owner could be living just upstairs. 
Such layout of a restaurant is very common in Hatyai, at least for the ones I've visited. 
The premise is normally divided into a commercial and residential area, so don't assume there will be more seats upstairs. 😆😆😆

Below are the pictures of the food we had managed to try! 

Braised pork leg. 
If you're a fan of Bah kut teh, then this may be an advanced or worse version. 
It has a staple herbal taste, but it's thicker than a normal soup and has a starchy texture to it. 

Thai Style Steamed fish. 
My personal favourite. 
A combination of extreme sour and spicy flavour that is sure to tantalise your taste buds! 

Not sure about the name of this vegetable, but it's pretty good. 
Stir-fried with garlic is the best way to cook any vegetables! 

Fresh and flavourful prawns! 

Another serving of stir-fried vegetables cause one can never have too much fibre intake! 😋😋😋

Of course Tom Yam Gung! 
Yet another personal favourite of mine, can you tell yet I am a fan of anything spicy and sour! 

Steamed chicken! 
Tender and juicy! 

We went to the night market nearby to walk our food baby off,
but it was a mission impossible as we piled on more and more food into our tummy. 😅😅😅

Some of the food that we recommend in the night market include:
bird's nest, coconut water, and mango sticky rice!

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