ID.AZ 5 MINS CLAY MASK review: Which variant suits your skin better?

ID.AZ makes some of the best sheet masks in the market, both for its quality and its drugstore price tags. 
If you haven't heard about them yet, feel free to read my reviews on the most effective sheet masks here.

Just because I know how good those sheet masks are, I was over the moon when they have finally launched a series of clay masks, targeted at different skin concerns/ skin type!

Just to give you a quick recap, ID.AZ is a skincare brand originated from a renown plastic surgery center in Korea, the ID Asian Beauty Centre.
Some of the infamous procedure provided in this centre includes orthognathic surgery, facial contouring, eyes, nose surgery, breast surgery, anti-aging, and lifting, as well as pain management.
To ensure that their patrons get to maintain their great skin for a longer period of time, they then developed some key products, which are both affordable and effective!

So today, we are leaving that K-driven craze for sheet masks behind and talking solely clay masks. What are clay masks? And do you need one?
The one word answer would be: YES.
Many people think clay masks are only made for oily skin people and dry skin gals can skip using clay masks altogether, but clay masks are actually a MUST regardless of your skin type.
Whether you're a person with dry skin, dull skin, oily skin or congested skin,
ID.AZ clay mask is the answer to all your skin trouble.
But of course, not all clay masks are created equal.
So in this post, I will break down the different type of clay masks from ID.AZ and what suits you!


Clay masks have been loved since the ancient times in the skincare realms for various reasons.
The most prominent usage of clay masks is to draw out excess impurities and excess sebum for oily and acne-prone skin.
But the truth is, usage of clay masks should not be limited to only younger (aka oily skin types) as it also it has the ability to boost elasticity and minimize signs of aging!
And one of the most intriguing features of a clay mask is that while they're absorbing all the gunk out of the skin, mineral-rich clay also replenishes the skin with essential nutrients the body needs to keep the skin smooth.

Never let a clay mask dry fully.

When you have a clay mask applied to your skin, the clay mask essentially go through 3 different phases, each with a different function. 
Phase 1 (damp phase): where the clay recharges the skin with minerals
Phase 2 (semi damp and dry phase): Where your capillaries are contracted to stimulate blood flow and circulation as a result of the contraction from the clay
Phase 3 (dry phase): draws out moisture from the skin surface, resulting in water loss and disrupting healthy skin barriers.

Now, with so many different types of clay available in the market, how do we identify which ones are the best for our skin type? 
Thankfully ID.AZ has done the homework for us and saved us the hassle of reading through the ingredients to determine which one amongst the 4 variants are best for our skin type/skin concern.

Despite all the variants, all the ID.AZ 5 minutes clay masks are made up of these key ingredients:
1. 3% Bentonite clay - The best type of clay to detoxify the skin. It has the strongest ability to absorb and draw out impurities from the skin, eliminate bacterial infections and promote blood circulation to the surface of the skin. 
2. More than 10% Kaolin Clay - The gentlest form of clay, ideal for sensitive skin. Great for exfoliation and brightening purposes.
3. 3% Calamine - Great for relieving irritation, and sooth inflamed skin.

Personally, I am on board with the idea of such interesting blends of clays in different composition because this way you get all of the benefits without having to risk irritating your skin. The perfect blend of these clay makes sure that the clay masks get the job done while keeping the skin's barrier and moisture level intact!

I am also a fan of clay masks which come in tubes and not tubs!
Clay masks have the tendency to dry out when exposed to air, so I absolutely love the idea of squeezy tube cause you only need to dispense the amount you'd be using, without drying the rest of the 'fresh' clay!
Also, because it's a squeezy tube, it also means it's more hygienic as you don't need to dip your finger into the tub and contaminate the rest of the product! 

Key ingredients: Amazonian White Clay + Calamine + Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside)
For your information, the amazonian white clay is rich in mineral salts and micro-elements but still being absolutely gentle. It is great at absorbing impurities and possess antiseptic properties.

It applies really easily and it dries down comfortably, it doesn't feel like the clay has sucked out every bit of hydration on my skin.
The brightening variant brightens the skin ever so slightly in one use.
As you could tell from the picture, my skin tone looked more even and red spots were greatly reduced in just as little 5 minutes!
This variant is ideal for anyone who wants to exfoliate their skin and unclog pores at the same time but refuses to use harsh microbeads or microparticles on their skin.
I personally love using this towards the end of my acne cycle, when the wounds are healed and that my skin needs a bit of a kick in removing the hyper-pigmentation and improving my overall dull skin tone.
Although it won't remove all the hyper-pigmentation at one go, but overall your will notice a brighter and more even toned complexion after using the mask.

Key ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay + Calamine + Pomegranate + Edelweiss
Highly packed with minerals, this clay is great at absorbing all the impurities from your skin while improving skin texture.

This variant is exceptionally incredible for anyone with dehydrated skin, but bugged with large pores. I have oily and dehydrated cheeks, so I find this really great applied at my U-zone.
People with dry skin often struggle to find clay mask which could both extract the gunk out of their pores while retaining the moisture in their skin.
But this changes everything for all your dry skin galz.
Moroccan Lava Clay is the gentlest clay with excellent pore-cleaning ability.
It also has the ability to repair skin's barrier and improve skin's elasticity.
And because it is absolutely gentle, you don't need to worry about rubbing on your skin too hard while rinsing it off, it dissolves incredibly easy in water, while keeping the skin barrier intact, leaving your skin feeling plumped and well hydrated.

Not sure if it's obvious enough to tell from photos, but this seriously improves my skin texture, especially on the cheek area, where I have unsightly pores and a lot of texture going on.
Although the effect may not be super drastic by sight, I could definitely feel that my skin texture is greatly improved just by touching them.
It makes my skin feeling really smooth without the tight feeling.

Key ingredients: Canadian Glacier Clay + Calamine + Avocado + Cucumber + Chlorella 
the very best glacial clay that can be found on earth due to its amazing healing properties.
Excellent for absorption of toxins and excess oil

The oil control variant is great at absorbing the oils from deep inside the pores!
If you notice visible blackheads, oily T-zone, then it's time to consider adding this into your weekly pamper routine!
This mask is great at pulling out sebum that is clogging and stretching your pores.
But as it has a stronger oil absorbing properties, I'd imagine it to be a little too drying on anyone with dry skin!
I have dehydrated cheeks like I mentioned, but I do notice that my pores were very enlarged these days, which is why I had been using it all over my face.
And as a result, it does leave my skin just a little bit tight on the cheeks after rinsing,
but there's nothing a quick spritz of face mist won't help.
I have personally notice that my T-zone has been less oily these days and it may potentially be attributed to this clay mask!

For those without acne problem, but have pores issues and excessive sebum protection may well worth giving this product a try!

Key Ingredients: Hawaiian Sea Salt Fermented Clay + AHA/BHA + Charcoal

This is definitely my favourite mask out of the 4 variants they have launched,
that's only because my skin is acne prone and it hasn't been behaving well these days!
I am sure you don't need to have a 20/20 eyes to tell that the before and after of my overall skin complexion was drastic!
I think the amazing effect this mask gave was down to the infused AHA and BHA which gently removes the surface layer of the skin whilst also cleaning the pores deep down!
While you may imagine this to be too harsh for sensitive skin like mine,
this was far from being irritating!
It was so gentle that my redness had also subsided with just one usage!
My skin felt extremely smooth and cleaned and it even give off an amazing luminosity that my skin haven't had in a really long time!
Using this all over the face really help cleaning out the pores, ideal for anyone who has really congested skin!

Don’t feel like you have to cover your entire face? You can opt to only use it on those pesky spots that need attention. My favourite thing to do has been using the pore clean mask as spot treatment to target on those zits everyday for just 5 minutes.
Within 3 days, you will notice vast improvement on those zits!
Zits would appear smaller and less inflamed,
and closed comedones were brought to a head for easy removal! 

The Pore Clean variant is hands down my favourite and I cannot recommend this enough to anyone with congested and acne prone skin!
With consistent usage, you will notice that less acne is forming!
This is a total skin saviour for me!

You could also use the different combination of clay masks for multi-masking purposes!
I love targeting my T-zone with the pore clean / oil control clay mask,
while keeping my dehydrated cheeks hydrated with the hydrating clay masks.
Sometimes, I also like switching up with the brightening clay masks on my forehead to brighten the dull-looking looking region.

All of the variants wash really easily with lukewarm water.
I often found myself tugging my skin in order to get rid of the dried clay,
but these dissolves really easily in water aka less irritation!

In my opinion, these clay masks which comes in a generous 150g size is one of the most affordable clay masks you could ever find.
Not only is it wallet-friendly, these clay masks also work like a charm!
I have noticed much smoother skin with consistent usage,
the pore clean clay mask is especially my favourite for spot treating trouble areas, or to get rid of congested pores aka white heads.
But that said, I think all of them had been working really well with my skin.
They cleanse and rejuvenate skin without causing any irritation at all!
I highly recommend anybody who's just starting out on clay-masking to give these products a go and watch the magic unfolds!

ID.AZ face masks are exclusively sold at Watson's only! 

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