Dolly Wink 10 seconds Easy Lash

I am sure at the mention of Japanese makeup, 
one of the most iconic brands which would strike out mind instantly would have to be Dolly Wink.
Launched in the year of 2009, 
Dolly Wink has been in the Japanese make-up market for more than 10 years now! 
Tsubasa Masuwaka, the founder of Dolly Wink has always capture the hearts of women of all ages as the iconic trend setter. 
10 years later today, Tsubasa has yet again surprised her cult followers with a rebranding.

The D here, which stands for Dolly Wink, signifies Eyes and Eyelashes. 
Which is what the brand focuses highly on. 
Moving forward, all products under Dolly Wink brand come with this logo to unify the brand image

The first product sizzling hot from the oven is, contrary to popular belief: 

Most beauty gurus are competing with each other in the cosmetic market by rushing our tons and tons of eyeshadows / eyeliners / mascaras. 
But who would have thought, the first product from the Dolly Wink rebranding is actually, false lashes. 

False eyelash has always been a makeup stable, but what's different now was that, thick and fluttery eyelashes were no longer on-trend, and what's considered a norm now is false lashes which look like your real lashes. This is one of the reasons why people nowadays have gone for eyelash extension to add volume to their natural lashes, but not going too all out that it looks unnatural. 

But let's face it, eyelash extensions are not only expensive to maintain, 
but it's also been associated with increasing breakage of your precious real lashes, 
horrible allergic reaction as well as stye on the lash roots. 

I personally have never been influenced to try out eyelash extensions because I fear those complications accompanied, which I can't justify. 
I have been depending on mascaras all these while but then again, 
it's not always the best choice for oily lids like mine. 
Mascaras, regardless of how waterproof it gets, I'd always get smudges after a few hours. 

All of these explain exactly why the launch of these easy lash has totally won my heart over. 
I mean, 10 seconds application, that's basically quicker than patiently coating my baby lashes with layers and layers of mascaras! 
I am in! 

The launch of these easy lashes are also sworn to change the perception of falsies
from "Japanese Gyaru fashion makeup" to "Daily eye make product for everyone

Yes. You read it right. 
These eyelashes are designed for everyday use 
and it's incredibly easy to master even for inexperienced users! 
If you're not sure about you preference your false lashes, 
fret not, 
they have not just launched one or two options for you to choose from, 
choose from 16 different styles for different occassions. 
This series of lashes are designed for your to accessorise your everyday look, any time, any where!


Anyone could complete eye makeup by using this revolutionary, new concept point type eyelash.  This vast array of options covers from point lash for tail end, center point lash, and they come in a variety of length and lash colors for you to swicth up according to your mood of the day!
If you can't decide which to go for, 
refer to the illustrations on the box to get an idea! 
How convenient is that! 

From top to bottom: 
1. For dinner / dates
2. For daily use at work / play
3. For instagrammable moments
4. For parties / holidays

To celebrate the launch of the Dolly Wink 10 seconds easy lash range, 
Dolly Wink has teamed up with The Butterfly Project 
to introduce this range to fellow beauty junkie at a Japanese dessert store, Kakiyuki

It was a day of endless fun! 
Think munching desserts while discussing makeup all day, 
that's my ideal way of relaxing. 

We were treated to their iconic shaved ice aka Kakiyuki, alongside their other bestselling desserts, 
matcha cream roll, mochi
and free flow of thick and highly nutritious matcha! 

On the day, we were also given a chance to explore the new product.

My absolute favourite from the range would have to be the point lash for the tail end.
I absolutely love how it elongates my eyes
while opening up my eyes without being too overboard.

Below are some of the photos of me wearing these extremely natural false lashes.

How to use: 
1 Apply glue on the base of the false eyelash.
 2 Lift your chin with your half-closed eyes. Position the base on the root of your own lashes. 
3 Adjust the angle and you are done!

Also, check out an instagram video that I have made for the application of Dolly Wink Easy Lash within seconds here.

Near or far, it's honestly really difficult to tell if those were my real lashes,
or I've gotten falsies on.
Another feature which I really adore about these lashes is that it's absolutely reusable.
The band is really thin but sturdy, makes cleaning after each application really easy.
Also, the thin bands make it really undetectable on the eyes,
I have heard people complained that they have difficult time even blinking their eyes with false lashes on because the band would poke them; or they have difficult time keeping their eyes open due to the heavy lashes/thick band, but these would not happen with these light and feathery lashes.
It's also come with a small tube of really useable adhesive.
I mean, let's be honest, the usual adhesive that comes with the false lashes were for "decorative purposes" only, and they will fall off within minutes with those adhesive.
But I have experienced strong wind with this lash glue that comes with the lashes,
and it really held up!!!
They were managed to stay put on my eyes the entire day,
no more embarrassing moments of your eyelashes half hanging on your eyelids.

Now that I have tried these falsies,
it has definitely raised the bar of falsies for me,
I am not sure if I could ever settle for mediocre falsies anymore.

Dolly Wink Easy Lash RM29.90/each is available online on and at Sasa stores.

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For more info about Dolly Wink, 
Instagram: @kojihonpomy


  1. I love Dolly Wink too! Nice to see they came out the new version after many years.

    1. Hi Anfield!!! It's been a while since I last heard from you! Hahaha! Yesss! Me too! So refreshing to see them rebrand themselves and launched new product!


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