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Chakri Palace at Suria KLCC

KLCC has been one of my favourite malls to go to, not that I could afford all the luxury items there, but I just really enjoy looking at some of the beautiful window displays and draw inspirations from all the designer brands, how the high street brands over there have a whole myriad of choices compared to other outlets, and I love how the mall carries certain brands that we would not normally find in other malls. 

Despite all the good things I have to say about this mall, there is one drawback that often keeps me from stepping into the mall, that is the limited choices of F&B outlet. When we were walking around the mall one day, right after getting ourselves a couple of pairs of tickets to the MPO, we were famished and we needed some nice food, that is worth the money. 

We stumbled upon this Thai restaurant that exudes posh and lush vibes. The whole restaurant was decorated with a lot of gold elements. After checking out the menu, we thought the price looks pretty reasonable for a 'palace' standard kinda restaurant.

 That is me with my one and only D. 
The best partner I could ever ask for. <3

Indeed, the place was gorgeous! I love this ginormous wooden wall decoration that is sitting right at the middle of the restaurant. I picked this place so that I could peruse the intricate work behind this beautiful art piece. I also personally love how they have used tons of white colour to create a crisp feel to the place. They have tons of mirrors too, so it has definitely created the illusion of wider space while it is actually a pretty small and cosy restaurant.

 As per normal, tons of photos indicating that the food took longer than usual to arrive.

The first dish that we ordered was Thai Red Curry Roasted Duck (Around RM25). 
It was an utter disappointment as the portion turned out to be extremely small for the price. 
I mean look at it, it looks like a tiny chinese rice bowl, but thicker? 

Although the portion was extremely depressing, 
the taste of the curry was really quite good. 
I like the thickness and creaminess of the gravy, 
but I was just too upset with the small portion. 
Couldn't even get 5 pieces of chicken. 

 Next up was Chakri Tom Yam Gung Mae Num (Around RM 25).
Again... The portion was devastating. 
And what was more upsetting was that the taste was nothing but mediocre. 
I am a huge fan of Tom Yam so this was definitely a disappointing dish. 

And we ordered a dessert Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob which cost about RM 20. 
It was a mixture of mango, homemade red ruby, chocolate powders, vanilla ice cream topped with sesame and pieces of unique pancake rolls, 
with thick and creamy coconut milk all over them and by the side.
The picture displayed on the menu was absolutely deceiving. 
And the portion was again, small small small. 
But the taste was rather unique and we quite liked it.

Another thing to note though, is the fact that they charge quite expensively for fragrant rice. If I am not mistaken, it should cost about RM4.50 per person. And they charged us 2 pax even when D didn't take any. Thankfully they were kind enough to refund after we pointed out to the manager. 

Look at my cute man! 
*insert heart-eyed emoji*

I love the decoration of this place, but other than that, I wouldn't really recommend this place because it is definitely overpriced. But then again, it is in KLCC so it's not uncommon that the food here is overpriced. But I was really expecting great taste, and for that case I would still be happier to pay a slightly expensive price. 

The full menu can be found here

Lot 417B, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Shopping Centre,  Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

03-2382 7788


  1. haha u introduce food or urself

    1. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone! Muahahaha!


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