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Fusion food, Ben's at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Being a frequent visitor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre, it is such a shame that I hadn't visited Ben's. The contributing factor that refrained me from stepping my foot into this nicely decorated space has got to be the mixed reviews I have seen online. 

It was our first Valentine's day together, and because our exact Valentine's day was going to be filled with tons of socialising and visiting, we have decided to have a simple luncheon at this place a day ahead. We were both really glad that we made that decision because we didn't have to squeeze with the crowd and swallowing overpriced food that don't worth the money. 

D has been a frequent patron of Ben's, so I knew this place could not go wrong. As I mentioned earlier, this place is absolutely beautiful! Every corner is a photo opportunity. And that explains why this post is loaded with tons of unrelated photo taken by my Boyf, who was experimenting with different settings on the camera. 

This place was convenient divided into 4 sections, of which two are outdoors and two are indoors. As much as I adore the outdoor space, with tons of greenery and woody furniture, it wasn't the place for us as it was filled with smokers huffing smokes trying to suffocate themselves. 

 D got me a bouquet of flower as my Valentine's day gift, 
so I happily brought them along for lunch. 
I love these anemones. 
They look so cute! 

 And yes.... If you cannot already tell by now, 
we were slightly obsessed with the beautiful decorations, 
and yes we were entirely enthralled by the beauty of this place. 

The food took pretty long to be served, 
which I took as an advantage for this particular day because it allowed us to take tons of photos. LOL.
The staffs weren't the friendliest but they were okay. 

Balsamico Chicken Salad (RM26.00) 
D got himself salad! 
Chopped avocados, semi-dried tomatoes and buttered almond nibs. These were the perfect addition to the nicely roasted and marinated chicken. 
It was refreshing and delicious! 
But the portion was a very devastating. 

 Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti (24.00)
In my honest opinion, I am not a big fan! 
I think the soft shell crab was way too oily. 
I remember taking a bite of the fried bits, 
and ended up in an oil explosion in my mouth. 
Which gave me the guiltiest feelings for the rest of the day, 
because I was so afraid that it will break my skin out, 
and gave me unnecessary calories. 
Taste wise, I really like the sauce, though I didn't expect it to be creamy carbonara. 
I love that they added a hint of spiciness into it with chilli flakes and curry leaves. 

I think this place serves pretty good food with a variety of choices ranging from Asian fusion to Western food. One good thing about this place is that all prices are inclusive of GST and service charge soooooo hooorrayyyyyy!!!

We had a great time there and I look forward to trying more other dishes in our next visit!

Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour
Monday - Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm
10:00pm: Kitchen last order
10:30pm: Bar last order

Contact Info
Tel: +603 2095 7988

Website : http://thebiggroup.co/bens/#home

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