Christmas in Hong Kong Day 4 - Central, Yat Lok Roast Goose, Lan Fong Yuen Milk Tea , Tai Cheong Egg Tart

It's Christmassssss!! 
Read about our day 1day 2 and day 3 if you are keen! 

We had a pretty late night getting stuck with the crowd wanted to do countdown. 
We were too old for countdown, but the crowd and patrol police kinda made us do so, 
so we ended up in the hotel a little after 12. 

But that exhaustion couldn't kill our desire to explore the city! 
So we woke up early and decided to explore HK island, or more specifically the central area! 

Walked out of Sheung Wan MTR station and stumbled upon a really beauty Christmas setup, 
can't help but to take a photo because it's Christmas! 

And then we did a lot of random walking around, and of course, I gotta have my breakfast, soymilk from the 7-11 store to fuel my empty tummy! 

D was in the mood for some beef brisket, so we searched our ways through the small alleys leading out to big road and after loads of wrong turn, we found ourselves in front of the closed shop! 
Was pretty upset that we didn't have the chance to try out the infamous Kau Kee Beef Brisket. 
But we thought we could always eat something else, cause it's HK! 

We then thought perhaps we should just head to Central, cause D couldn't get enough of Tsui Wah and I was pretty happy with the food we had a day before too. 
So we continued wandering on the streets to find MTR station. 

We saw a bakery selling really delicious looking pastry, and we were too famished to make any wise decision, so we just went in and came out with two delicious looking tarts. 
I wish I had their name down cause I honestly think their tarts were heavenly! 

Sweet potato tart was amazing! 
Moussy sweet potato cream on the outside with some soft chiffon cakes hiding underneath. 
The soft and creamy filling was the perfect contrast to the buttery and crunchy crust. 

Coconut tart was really good too, but I'd say, go for their sweet potato tart if your tummy could only take one tart. 
The coconut tart though being really fragrant and delicious, it was a little too soggy for my liking. 

And guess what? After loads of strolling in Central, we found ourselves back at Sheung Wan again. -.- 
So much of MTR riding and walking just to find ourselves back to where we were was a bit frustrating. 
But the fun bit was we were able to see and explore Hongkong like a hongkie, loads of walking and getting to really see the culture and people. 

Went into Lin Heung Tea House, another popular eatery in Sheung Wan just to see that it was flooded with throngs of tourists. 
We left with disappointment. 

We walked back to the street where Kau Kee Beef Brisket was located to find Sing Heung Yuen, a very popular food street stall which is exactly opposite of Kau Kee. 
And surprise surprise -.- , it was closed too! 

By that time, it was a little past noon and certainly way past our dinner time, so we decided to just hop into any char chan teng for a simple meal. 

It was the worst meal of our entire trip and I do not recommend at all, which is why I have left out the name. 

My chicken chop with pasta was totally bland. 

Milk tea was okay. 

Beef curry was the worst thing ever. It was too watery and the taste was weird. 
We couldn't finish our meal and I remember it being quite pricey too. -.-

So we continued to walk around Central for some more final shopping! 

After we were done shopping, we saw this super popular insta-worthy street with granite stone staircase @ Pottinger Street! 
We just had to stop for a photo of two! 

After all the shopping and sightseeing, our stomach was growling again! 
So I decided to take D to my fave egg tart shop in the world! 

Tai Cheong Bakery 
(Exit D2 from Central MTR Station ; 10 mins walk from Lin Heung Tea House)

Bought 3 egg tarts and it was the best decision ever! 
Extremely buttery and crunchy crust with an absolutely milky and silky egg filling in the centre. 
I need more of those now T_T

*random shop opposite of Tai Cheong* 
Thought the panda head was cute! 

Then we spent a good time looking at stuffs in Lush! 
We were also given a Lush tour to all of their spa rooms and omg I would immediately book a session if it wasn't so expensive :(

D, being a milk tea addict, knew he can't live Central without having a taste of the infamous Lan Fong Yuen Milk Tea! 
The ancient stall was closed, again, for Christmas, 
but we were lucky that the store was opened, but the bad thing was we couldn't customise our drink! 

Nonetheless, D still had an enjoyable time drinking his silky smooth, milky and yet frangrant milk tea! 

It was about 5 in the evening after all the walking, and we thought we should have some dinner first if we were heading to Victoria Peak later! 

HK is famous for their roasted geese, duck, chicken, so a HK trip wouldn't be complete without fitting in a meal of roast geese, which is also my fave!

And while we're at it, we might as well go for the best aka Michelin Starred, Yat Lok Roast Goose!

Roasted goose chest with rice / rice noodle. 

I went for the noodle option because I am a huge fan of noodles of any sort. 
But it was a bad choice, because it was so slippery that it made eating it such a torture. 
The noodles always slipped off my spoon/ chopsticks before reaching my mouth. 
And the soup also diluted the delicious taste of the roast goose. 

Though being the exact dish, just different carbs, this dish tasted absolutely delicious!
The goose was tender and juicy, roasted to golden perfection! 
Crispy goose skin added an interesting texture and moisture to the meat, albeit being really unhealthy.

Our vain attempt to find our way to Victoria peak by foot landed us at this famous Duddel Street! 

If I am honest, there's nothing special at all. 
Just the gas lamps which have been reserved from the olden days and how it's still working. 
The Starbucks just by the staircase, though, was the highlight of this street! 
We didn't have the time to pop into the shop but you should if you have time to spare! 
It's ancient looking and oriental decor is one of kind, you won't see Starbucks like this anywhere else! 

Along the road to Victoria Peak, you will see this beautiful cathedral. 
Although I am not a catholic or whatsoever, I am always drawn by the beautiful vintage architecture of a cathedral, that means, we couldn't leave this place without taking some photos! 

Our plan to visit the Victoria Peak was ruined when we saw the crazy long queue which would probably take us a couple of hourse before we could get ourselves a place in the tram. 
So we just went to the nearest MTR station, took the MTR to causeway bay and pretty much just walked around casually and aimlessly. 

We were both quite pleased with this random purchase! 
Although we both preferred red dragonfruit, we thought this turned out really good too! 

Before we headed back to our hotel, we stopped by hui lau san for some dessert to give our day a sweet ending! 

Highly recommend their black glutinous rice dessert! 
The portion was generous! 
We loved how thick it was, and how the sweetness was just nice! 

Add-on fried radish cake was pretty impressive too!

That's our day 4 in Hong Kong, we did more eating than sightseeing, but we really enjoyed exploring the city at our own pace, afterall it was meant to be a de-stress trip for us and it was perfect this way! 

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