Herbal Therapy Massage @ Thai Odyssey, Mid Valley Mega Mall

 Most people book in a monthly appointment for hairs/nails etc, but it's always Thai massage over anything else for me. 
My first visit to Thai Odyssey (which you could read here) has gotten me completely hooked. 
The hygienic practice, relaxing ambiance, excellent services and strategic locations are some of the reasons I keep going back to Thai Odyssey. 

Since then, I'd also been on the look out for Thai Odyssey outlet nearby my workplace so that I could conveniently pop in and out on a Friday night to take away all the work-related stress before I welcome the weekend in joy and harmony. 
In case you haven't already known, this award winning Thai spa centre has over 50 outlets to date with the majority of them conveniently located in the malls. Now anyone can casually walk in for any sort of Thai massage services while you're wandering in a mall!

D and I booked an appointment on a Friday night after working hours. 
I am pretty sure it's not hard to tell from my disheveled look that I'd worked my arse off the entire week for this moment to come! 

We have also booked in a completely different type of massage so we were both really excited!

Just like any of the Thai Odyssey outlets, this outlet, too, is a paradise!

We were greeted by two extremely friendly and helpful receptionist upon entering. 

And we were in awe with how spacious and cosy this space was! 
The iconic rainbow colour scheme was made even more pleasing to the eyes with this wide open plan concept. 

With the calming music playing in the background, a therapeutic aroma diffuses ever so gently into my senses and a cup of warm herbal tea, I could honestly spend hours here just taking in the ambiance and find myself at zen. 

This premise is divided into two floors, so patrons are able to immerse in a complete uninterrupted relaxing massage experience tucked away in the tranquil upper levels away from the noise and the crowd. 

One of the things I absolutely luxuriated in whenever I visit Thai Odyssey has got to be their complimentary foot scrub
I appreciate how my crinkly and neglected feet were given so much attention to! 
This step also set my mood along with prepping my body and soul for the subsequent wholesome massage session. 

Every single nook and cranny of this premise was adorned with traditional yet chic art pieces which draw calmness to our mind through our eyes. 

We wanted something different so we opted for Thai Herbal Therapy Massage this time! 

Just like the usual Traditional Thai Massage that we were used to, we were provided with a change of loose fitting clothes to ensure thorough relaxation without restrictions.

The session commenced with Traditional Thai Massage techniques where our muscles were pressed with acupressure techniques and light stretching of our bodies into numerous yoga-like position to take away all the tensions in our muscles. But these usual Traditional Thai Massage techniques felt so much more relaxing and calming all thanks to the utterly relaxing aroma released from the exotic blend of herbals wrapped in a ball, steaming in the rice cooker.

After a 90-minutes full body Traditional Thai Massage, we were introduced to the herbal poultice which had been steaming and diffusing invigorating aroma in the air throughout the 90 minutes.

The herbal poultice (luk pra kob in Thailand) is made from a dynamic blend of natural organic medicinal herbs and essential oils including lime leaves, lemongrass, Cassamunar Ginger, camphor eucalyptus etc, all of which possess properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant. These herbs were bundled in muslins to create a few poultices where they'd all be steamed and placed along the meridians of our body in pressing, rolling and circular motions to boost deep relaxation.

Popular since 5000 years ago, Thai Herbal Therapy is surely not going anywhere as this technique has been long associated with some the following health benefits:

  1. The compression of the hot poultice against the body with the powerful stimulating properties of ginger improves blood circulation through dilation of the blood vessels;
  2. It promotes deep relaxation to the muscles and nerves by relieving chronic pain, stiff and sore muscles as well as ligaments from overuse injuries;
  3. Aromatic vapour from the lime and eucalyptus relieve symptoms related to respiratory system like coughing, flu etc while speeding up the recovery from infection;
  4. Lemongrass uplifts the mood;
  5. Reduce water retention by restoring the body’s vital energy flow which would altogether eliminate toxins in the body
To ensure the poultices were kept heated throughout the treatment, each of our therapists had two poultices where one would be placed on the steamer, while the other was used for treatments. When the poultice in use has cooled down, the therapist would then exchange with the one in the steamer. Our therapists were so diligent at it that we were able to enjoy almost even temperature throughout the procedure. 
Note: if you're sensitive to heat, you could also speak to your therapist about it.

I was suffering from horrible neck and shoulder muscle strain from all the heavy things I'd been carrying in my backpack to and fro uni every single day. I reminded the therapist to focus more on my neck and shoulder as these sore parts had been making me feel more lethargic than ever.

Not only did my therapist give my neck and shoulder extra pressing and stretching during the full body massage session, she also frequented the placement of heated poultice on my neck and shoulder. The gentle pressing and rolling which seemed like such a simple thing to do took away all the tension on my neck after the session and I AM NOT EVEN LYING. D who is a fitness enthusiast with injuries all over his joints and muscles were also gushing over how much this session has helped with all his aching injuries!

The entire procedure involving the herbal compress took about 30 minutes before they ended the entire 2-hour session with neck and head massage using refreshing minty balm and final stretching of our entire body. 

It was honestly the fastest and most rejuvenating 2 hours of my life. 

We were then provided with a cup of herbal tea to replenish the hydration in our body and keep the blood circulation going. 

I personally am already a huge fan of Traditional Thai Massage and this extension to the usual muscle stretching techniques is just completely mind-blowing. Not only did it take away all the aching from my muscles and relaxed my muscles in such a deep level, it definitely has helped abundantly in my emotional well-being too! 
It sure felt amazing to be able to spend the subsequent days/weeks feeling less anxious and stressed out, and it put me to sleep easily the nights after too!
And for me, this treatment had also boosted my physical and mental well-being for a longer period of time than usual massage did! 

Thai Herbal Therapy Massage is priced at 
RM 198.00 (excl. GST) for 120 minutes.

I highly recommend anyone who's troubled by posture problem, muscle soreness, respiratory discomfort,
and pretty much anyone, who seeks to recharge to try out this extraordinary therapy and leave the outlet light-footed and uplifted!

Thai Odyssey @ Mid Valley
Address: Lot T - 011A, 3rd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 - 2202 1366 
Fax: 603 - 2202 1377
Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Follow them on their social media to keep updated with various promotions! 
Instagram: @thaiodyssey or

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