SUPER LUNCH - Ming Chu Seafood Restaurant @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

I still remember those days where I'd have lunch with a big group of peers, we loathed deciding what's for lunch, because, it's a tough decision to make obviously.

It's not easy to suggest a lunch option that fits 
1. everyone's budget
2. everyone's appetite
3. individual's demand for ambiance
4. time constraint etc

There're just so many concerns to look after. 

But! If you're working or living around Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, I have a solution for you! 

Being listed in the top 100 must-try restaurants in Malaysia, we were surprised to learn that Ming Chu Seafood Restaurant has only been around for less than 2 years! 

The main brain behind this restaurant is a passionate chef who used to work for a renown Japanese restaurants but has then decided to return to his roots and started making innovative Japanese fusion Chinese dishes! 

With so many live sea creatures on display, it is no surprise that they are most well known for their "Qi Guai Po" a.k.a unique seafood bowl

Ming Chu Seafood Restaurant is definitely not your ordinary Chinese restaurant, in fact, we were pretty enticed with the modern yet chic design of the restaurant. The exposed bricks have definitely toned down the elegance of the ambiance making this place feels more approachable and less intimidating. 

Spanning over two floors of the building, the upper level is an event hall / private room for various functions! 
Spacious and elegant, the upper level is able to hold as many as 150 pax and each room is equipped with karaoke/sound system for both entertainment and formal events. 
They have held many conferences/ company meetings here so do call them up for more inquiries! 

If you're in need of recommendations, you could easily find the dishes nicely framed and hung on the wall all around the premise! 

Just when you thought dining here would drain your wallet empty, they are introducing SUPER LUNCH SETS with prices starting from as low as RM58 nett! WHAT! 

Their set lunch is everything you could ever ask for in an everyday rush hour lunch. 
They've got your protein, vegetables, and carbohydrate covered and it even comes with a soup of the day too!

We opted for the RM88 nett set (worth RM143) which could potentially feed 6-7 pax and it comes with 4 dishes and 1 soup

Below is a rundown of what the menu has to offer! 

Soup of the day - Lotus soup 
The taste was pretty mediocre for a Chinese soup. 
I thought it was a little too artificially flavoured. 

Tilapia steamed with bean paste.
This dish was probably the most appetising of all the dishes served! 
I've always loved flavourful dishes so this dish was naturally the winner of the night. 
The bean paste was the perfect blend of sweet and savoury tastes and I couldn't have asked for another sauce to go with the fresh and tender Tilapia fish. 
You could also opt for Pepper Senangin or Curry Fish Head should you not fancy the bean paste.

Spicy Chicken with Sauce
This dish came as a close second entirely because of how innovative it is. 
I have never tasted anything like this before. 
Despite its unattractive presentation, the taste was surprisingly delicious! 
I love how you could taste a hint of spiciness in the thick and flavourful gravy and how it complements the fried chicken which would otherwise taste pretty bland on its own. 
If you can't eat spicy food, you could also replace this dish with the Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork Chop

Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg
There's no reason one would not adore this dish! 
It's easy to eat, and it's absolutely delicious! 
The juicy prawns were coated with a thick layer of salted egg yolk which was then fried to golden perfection. 
You could definitely taste the slightly "sandy" egg yolk texture on the outer layer, and we absolutely adore how fuss-free yet delicious this dish was. 
The only drawback though, was the disappointing portion. 

Mix Vegetables with Cashew
This dish was a complete downer.
Not only did it taste absolutely bland, the portion was again, devastating. 
I honestly would much prefer green leafy vegetables than something like this which serves no purpose in aiding my bowel movement. 
Just saying. 

Overall, I thought it was a great bargain if it was to be shared amongst colleagues during lunch hour. 
The food is served quickly and if you divide the amount amongst your colleagues, you're only paying about RM13+/- per pax for a group of 7 and you get to enjoy the luxury of eating in a comfortable setting. 

*Set lunch is only available during weekdays from 12pm-3pm, excluding public holidays

Besides the lunch menu, we also had the honour to try out two dishes from their new menu. 

 Pi Pa Tofu 
The tofu has an interesting texture as it is made up of tofu, fish, scallop, crab meat, and bits of vegetables.
It definitely tasted more like a fish cake than a tofu but in a good way. 
The best way to eat these tofu's is to dip them in the special recipe Thai style sauce for that exotic yet absolutely fragrant taste. 

Braised Pork Belly
The pork belly was without a doubt tender and juicy owing to the many layers of adipose layers sandwiching the flesh. It would be a joy to relish in if calories don't count. 
I find the taste of the sauce a little too overwhelming which I found out, later on, was due to the use of shrimp paste. 
If you like the ordinary braised pork/lu rou, you'd probably enjoy/dislike this sweet version of braised pork. 

All in all, it was a fairly enjoyable experience dining in Ming Chu Seafood restaurant, but they could definitely do with some improvements like friendlier attitude from the restaurant manager, overall cleanliness, and a friendlier price tag. 

Ming Chu Seafood Restaurant (Sri Petaling)
Address: No. 58, Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-90540590 / 014-6709458

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