Melbourne Day 4 - Phillip Island aka Penguin Viewing

A long overdue day 4. 
But if you're keen in keeping yourself in the know, here are day 1day 2 and day 3!
It was finally the day for the highly anticipated penguin viewing day!
Of course we do have other activities lined up for the day prior to penguin viewing, which only happens in the dusk. 

It was supposed to be a day where we had to dress the warmest because the cold breeze can be brutal by the sea when the night falls. 
But those thick layers made me felt extremely uncomfortable throughout our journey to the penguin island as the driver refused to turn on air conditioning in our mini bus. The lack of ventilation, the tight seats, just yikes. 
Would have preferred normal sized bus for this expedition. 

Anyway, we kick-started our day with yet another wildlife park. 
This park is so much smaller in scale, I wouldn't recommend making a detour. 

But this place does serve some delicious grilled meat. 
Not sure if it was kangaroo but it did keep us salivating for a while. Haha! 

After spending about an hour sniffing at animal's poop (HA!), we hopped on the minibus, endured another suffocating bus ride for about 45 minutes or so before arriving at a Chocolate Museum! 

I didn't snap any photo of this museum but it was actually really fun! 
It's perfect for the little ones. 
There were a lot of games to play where you will be given chocolates as rewards at the end of the games!
We also grabbed our lunch before leaving to our next destination. 
It wasn't an enjoyable meal because the choices were really limited and nothing on the menu was wallet-friendly. 

We took another 30 minutes drive to Churchill Island Heritage Farm
This place was absolutely dreamy! 
It's the kind of life I would imagine living after retirement.
It's extremely tranquil and laid back with little to no crowd. 
The air was crisp and fresh and I took the opportunity to breathe as much as it's humanly possible. 
Lush greenery with an incredible view overlooking meeting point of the ocean and the sky, this place is utterly scenic, it looks like it's straight out of a photograph! 

There were a few performances to catch.
First one being the sheep shearing. 
It was quite fun to watch, but then again it felt a little improper to watch the sheep struggle under the hands of the farmer. 

Fluffy Sheep...

Bald sheep...

I wish I knew how to explain this. 
Basically, the farmer would swing the rope in huge circles and when he snaps, it produces a loud sound akin to that of a gunfire. 
It looked as if it was the easiest thing to do, but it took D really long to learn it and he wasn't even able to produce sound as loud as he did. 

We then watched how the shepherd chased the sheep back to their cage. 
Lol. I just noticed how poor my vocab is when it comes to these rural activities. 

We leisurely strolled around the heritage farm and couldn't stop marvel at the beauty of nature! 

We made a quick stop at the Koala Conservation Centre to learn more about Koalas. 
They camouflaged themselves really well with the leaves and the woods so it was quite a challenge to spot them.
But we manage to catch a koala moved to change its sleeping position and it was super cute! 

Finally, the highlight of the day was most definitely the Penguin parade at Summerland Beach! 
These penguins are the world's smallest penguins and each  night at sunset, these Little Penguins would return ashore after a day’s fishing.

We proceeded straight to the elevated tiered seating area by the shore once we arrived to secure our seats for optimum viewing.
No photography was allowed so we didn't manage to take any photos of the penguins! 
But as the sun sets, you will notice little penguins pop out from the water and waddle up to the beach and then to their homes in the sand dunes. 
It was really bizarre as the penguins just pop out of no where. 
Keep an eye on the waves hitting the shore, once the waves retracted, you will see cute little creatures waddling and those little black dots are the little penguins! 
We then walked all the way on the timber boardwalks to witness them waddle all the way to their homes. 

We bought a few burgers from the cafe in the Penguin centre before heading home. 

It was truly an eye-opening experience spent learning more about these wildlife and their natural habitat. 

It's surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget! 

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