Noble House Restaurant

If you have read my posts here and here, then you should know we have a thing for the Oriental Group of restaurants! Hahhahaha! I look forward to try all of their restaurants and pick my favourite out of them all.

It was Hari Raya, knowing that my prof won't be returning to UK for this long holiday, my family decided to invite him for a proper chinese lunch. I picked somewhere convenient to him and near to his place. For the record, this place has 1 Michelin star! So, rest assured that the quality of their food is well taken care of.

The Noble House has a really simplistic yet lush exterior design, it is an individual building which gave it a luxury look. As for the interior, it was impressive and refreshing contemporary setting. There is a pond in the middle of the restraurant, where they read Koi fishes in it. Amazing or whattttttt! They have 2 dining halls and several private rooms.

 I love the red pinkish colour tone!

We picked the business lunch package for 6, which saved us from the hassle of having to pick our food from the amazing selection of food on the menu.

 Baked Abalone in Filo Pastry and Stir Fried Shredded Abalone with XO Sauce
This wasssss sooooo goooddddd!! 
The abalone was baked to perfection, 
you could taste the authentic taste of abalone, 
yet has a subtle flavouring. 
The vege was another amazing dish! 
Vege fresh and crisp, the shredded abalone, 
I kept grabbing them. LOL.

 Braised Shark Fin's Soup with Crab Roe
Unlike usual sharkfin's soup, 
this one has a rich and really creamy texture. 
The taste, need I mention? It was top notchhhh!

 Braised Deep-Sea Garoupa with Chestnut and Herbs in Claypot.
Thank god the fish wasn't steamed. LOL!
I preferred strongly flavoured food and I think steamed fish is rather bland? 
This one was really nice, I love a subtle herbal flavour,
and they were also pretty generous with their fish! 

 Smoked Farm Chicken
Direct translation from Mandarin, this dish has got to be named Saliva chicken. 
I lied to prof saying the chef used their saliva to cook this dish and it disgusted him! 
Evil me I know. 
But this dish is really gooddddd! 
Although rather bland compared to all the dishes before it,
but it has a great smoked taste, 
which is really hard to explain. Hahhahaha. 
But it was good!

 Stir Fried three varieties capsicum with fresh lily bulb and cuttle fish.
The shredded abalone and the macadamia nuts. 
LOL! I was fighting for those!
They tasted so good with all the veges! 

Two varieties rice with scallop and crab meat in superior crab soup.
This wassss out of the worlddddddd! 
Crispy rice and soft rice mixed together, 
the soup was marvelous! 
They were perfect match. 

I forgot the name of this dessert but boyyyyy was it gooodddd!! 
I wanted another bowl the moment I finished it and even though I was really stuffed from all the food earlier.  

Super good foooodddd! Excellent service. The price were a bit pricey, but it was all worth it!

2005      Malaysia Tatler
             - Malaysia’s Best Restaurants

2005      Tables 2005
            - Great Table (one out of 11 Great Tables)

2008     The Miele Guide 2008/2009
             - One of Asia’s Finest Restaurants

2009     Time Out KL Food Awards
             - Best Chinese Restaurant
             - Top Food 40

2010     Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2010-2012 Malaysian Series
             - Top Ten Best Restaurant of the Year
             - Top Ten Best Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

2010    The Miele Guide 2010/2011
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2010     Time Out KL Food Awards
             - Top 40

2012      Malaysia Tatler
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BUSINESS HOURS: Open Daily (including Public Holidays)
                                     11.00 am – 3.00 pm
                                     6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Address: 19, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2145 8822

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