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Senjyu Japanase Restaurant @ Bangsar Village 2

It was the last weekend before my sister left to university at UniMAP. She was in deep quandary for weeks before she finally decided to take the plunge and see what UniMAP has to offer. But we all know, deep down she was still hoping to get placement in UM, where Kathryn and I are studying. 

Oh well I digressed. 

Kathryn said she hasn't been eating Japanese for decades (LOL exaggeration) and Jasmine knew for sure she wouldn't be able to get Japananese food at Perlis, so we thought these two reasons were enough to justify an awesome Japanese meal. 

I asked one of my friend and he suggested this. So we happily came and try out. 

 Her penultimate day at home. LOL. 

 They kindly served each one of us appetiser, 
this is tofu andddddd... 
What was on the top I have forgotten. LOL. 
And we were all competing who could take the whole tofu up perfectly. LOL. 

 Andddd green tea was complimentaryyyyyy! Ohhhhh yessshhhh! 

Nowwwww... As much as I want to put down the name for each dishes, my brain...... Just... Won't cooperate. LOL. I realised I don't remember any single name of the dish. LOL.

 Udon! With tempura prawn! 

 Hahahhahah! Yeahhhh... Repetitiion. 
Dad and mum happened to order the same food. HAHHAHAHAHAH! 

 This little fish thingy taste sooooo awesomeeeee!!

 Ohhhh Shadowwww! 
Fail photography skill. 

Okayyyyyy!!! After we were seated down in the restaurant, we found out this restaurant is under the Sakae Sushi group? That's when we knew this place doesn't serve awesome Japanese food. LOL.

And indeed, the food was really average? Only cute presentationnnnnnn! Anddddd their food is also rather expensive.

After the meal, we were all stuffed, so we walked around and of course we had to go to the bookstore!

Stroll aroundddddddd....

LOL! That's all See yaaaaa!

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