The Culture Pot, Damansara Uptown

If you have read my previous blog here, you would know that this is the sequel of it. LOL. Yes, we were greedy like that, checking out two cafes in 4 hours or less. And were doing this cafe hopping thingy, as suggested by myself. lol.

My sister Kathryn, who is a grouch (ooppsss!), was really dissatisfied with the cafe we went earlier, just because she thought it was really overpriced? And yes she's calculating like that while she isn't even an accountant. lol. So I suggested that we would pay this cafe a visit, as it is right below of the one we visited earlier.

My sister and I, who both are minimalists, were immediately enthralled by the interior design. They used a lot of white (big YES!), and a little bit of wood, and lavender (OMG!).

 They have relatively simple menu,
but I spotted my fav food right away, 
as if it was calling out my name. LOL. 

 I really really really appreciate cafe that provide complimentary drinking water. 
I disdain dining place who charge us crazy amount for drinking water. 
Soooo... Big YAYYYYY for this cafe! 
Love it! 

 I continued reading my book.
Whilst I am at it, I thought I could also talk about this book. 
"The girl with all the gifts" 
It's a novel based on a post-apocalyptic setting, 
where there were only the last bit of humans left, 
and zombies were taking over. 
Scientists were doing research on some of the baby zombies (the second generation), 
in hopes of finding cure to this pandemic disease. 
An intelligent little zombie, who didn't know earlier that she was a zombie herself, 
finally realizing it when she yearned for blood. 
The ending was tragic!!!!! 
It wasn't that page-turning for me, because I am not a sci-fi kinda girl, 
but the story is really interesting. 

The food which was luring me into elevating my body fats.

 Happy kid is happy. 

We spent quite a bit of time there, hence the excessive photos. LOL. 
And it was all due to the sudden deluge. 
So we were stuck? 

When the rain had subsided, we went out and were greeted by really chilly wind on the street. 

Cafe hopping is not quite exactly my thang. LOL. It involves a lot of eating and sitting down, very sedentary, but it was definitely a great try!

The food was okay, the ambiance was fantastic, the staffs were uber nice, and the price was okay!

Address: 15, GF, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama47400 Petaling JayaSelangor, Malaysia
Contact: 03-7731 3566

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