TAKSU Gallery: Shift Reception

About 2 months after our first visit to TAKSU Gallery, we received an invitation to attend the reception for their new art exhibition entitled SHIFT. Disconcerted combinations of feelings welled up in us, we were hyped, we were pumped, we were jubilant, we were exhilarated, but also we were anxious, nervous. It was the very first time for us to attend any sort of art reception, networking with the artist and many other people who are fond of art, while we are just amateurs, we do not even paint. Hahahahha. 

But still, we braved ourselves and we were so glad that we braved ourselves to attend, because the latest artworks were phenomenal. and we loved every single piece of the artwork exhibited. 

 If you cannot already tell, 
I love the pool. 
But yeah, I can't swim. 

Picked out some of my personal favourites.

 I actually love abstract art? 
But I absolutely adore this one because of the colours combination!

And what I love most, 
is intricate crafts!  

Dark butterflies here! 

 TAKSU has a bit of dark art at times, 
although I am a person of optimism, 
I do love a little bit of dark art. 

 My sisters and I love the artwork by this famous local artist,
his intricate artwork. 
And what impressed us the most was the fact that, 
he only had one hand,
but still he was able to produce such amazing artwork! 

 I also really love this RM1 note painting. 
Look at it closely and you will see how detailed the painting was. 

SOoooo touched. :'(

 Really good red wine too! <3

 This is the famous local artist, 
Azizi Latif. 

 And this is another famous local artist Sabihis Md.

I also made a new friend from the U.S. 

It was super duper funnnnnn! And we hung around until about 11pm. Too bad we all had classes the next day, or we could have stayed longer. The host was super kind to refill our drinks for us constantly. But we were also really stuffed at the end of the day. 

The photo quality is a little out because I accidentally adjusted the shutter speed without realizing. Such a noob. Hahahhaha. 

My feelings for arts have just grown fonder and fonder now. 

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