2017 New Year Resolutions

I know, heck, this is the most cliche things to be up on anyone's dashboard right now, but I can't help but jot down a few things that I'd like to see changes in myself.

Not gonna lie, I haven't been the most productive person in the past year. Although I have completed most parts of my research projects and started scribbling on my dissertation, I spent way too much time for leisure. I know work-life balance, but, by leisure I mean, worktime leisure. Ha ha! So this year, right now, with my burning passion for getting as many things completed as possible, I thought I might as well list down a few things I want to do in 2017.

1. I want to be flexible.
I have seen myself getting flummoxed in way too many instances that I have no control over. I am the most stubborn person on earth and I think my perseverance on the wrong things have caused many people around me to suffer the consequences. So this year, with the help of D, I want to be more flexible. I want to care less about things I couldn't control, and I don't want to stress too much about things that do not impact me directly.

2. I want to be helpful.
I could still remember how helpful I was when I was way younger. I'd always help my friends in any way I could, even if that means I'll have to endure nagging and scolding from my parents, if I could help, I'd be happy. But as I grew older, a lot of my kindness were returned with bad comments, and a lot of happy situation turned sour in the end. Sooner than later, I began refraining myself from lending anyone a helping hand for selfish reasons. Again, with the help of D, I want to be more helpful. I want to allow D to help people he deemed in need, and I want to contribute my part whenever I am able to.

3. I want to be more accommodating.
Although I may look like I often live under the limelight, but I am pretty self-conscious all the time! And this has hindered me from being open minded towards many suggestions. And I know it to the core of my heart that these selfish thoughts of mine have left D in sticky situations a lot of the times. This year around, I want to be more accommodating towards people. As in, I want to allow people in my life, I want to allow D's friends to come into our lives more frequently, hanging out with more people, seeing more people, be kind to everyone etc.

4. I want to keep a grateful diary.
When I was an avid fan of self-help books, I was the most optimistic person I know. LOL. My mind was constantly immersed in the sea of wellness and optimism, I hardly get destructed by bad vibes. But as I begun to stray away from reading by choice (I swear this will come immediately after this in the list), I see myself losing touch with my inner sense. I became greedy, I became jealous, I became envious, I became demanding, I belittle myself etc. I want to change this by starting a grateful diary. I want to write down what makes me happy every single day and remind myself how lucky I am.

5. I want to read at least a book a month.
I was doing pretty well before and I would always pick up a book when I didn't have much to do. However, lately I have just gravitated towards watching YouTube channels, which are useful in a way (self-development physically LOL), but it's not the same as reading a book, picking up new vocabularies and be inspired. So, I want to do this with D. I want us to have some reading time together in the evening.

6. I want to check my Uni emails every single day.
This is seriously the easiest yet hardest thing to do! I used to ignore my uni emails all the time as it is filled with useless spams all the time. I hate to open the mail and having to scan through all the emails one by one. But it's also because of my laziness, I have missed out a lot of useful information in the past. No more same stupid mistake this year!

7. I want to write my dissertation and read a new paper every single day.
This is another thing that I have been meaning to do for one solid year but I kept failing all the time! Like I mentioned earlier, I loathe myself for giving in to pretty youtube videos and putting my priorities behind all the time. I want to read and write more so that I could finish everything by end of this year or beginning of next year!

8. I want to communicate better with people around me.
This is especially true when it comes to the people I am closest to, D and my family members. Although we are pretty much happy all the time, like anybody else, we are faced with communications problem sometimes. So, this year, I want to change this. I want to talk things through with D, be more honest about how I feel with D and at the same time encourage him to do the same, and when he does, I listen with patience. As for my family members, align with the first resolution, I hope that when I become more flexible, I would be able to speak wiser and less emotionally.

9. Be more active.
What's a new year resolution without involving going to gym. Ha ha! I have been able to join gym courtesy of D, so I want to work out more consistently, be open to more training patterns, and be open to training more parts of my body!

I hope this year doesn't pass by as quickly as the previous year did. I want to achieve all of the above and more! And please, put your hands together and say a prayer to me, because I am dying to finish my Ph.D this year! Thanks!

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