The Red Beanbag and Okonomi @ Solaris Dutamas

D's Birthday Celebration - Episode 1 
It was our second year of celebrating D's birthday together, but the first time we kinda just started dating so we were still in that awkward phase. Ha ha! 😂😂😂
So, I'd say this was the first time I properly planned a birthday celebration for D! 

To show how much I appreciate his hard work in the past year, I decided to throw him a Birthday Marathon! 

To start things off, we gotta do some 'brunching', because we both love the idea of eating delicious eggs and fluffy pancakes, but we don't often have time for such luxury. 
And when I thought about quality assured brunch place, the first place that popped into my mind was none other than The Red Beanbag! 

Still glorious after 6 years of operation, this place has proven to be one of the best brunch places in town! And to my complete surprise, even having fed more than tens of thousands of people throughout these 5 years, this place is still as popular as ever, the premise was brimming with people when we arrived, and we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for a seat. But the wait was totally worth it! 

Inspired by the ever so welcoming Australian cafes, this place is not only popular amongst the locals, but also a definite favourite for expats! This place certainly reminded me of our holiday in Australia with eclectic clientele occupying the entire space, warm and welcoming staffs, raw industrial design with a modern twist, aroma of their coffee suffused the air, and an extensive menu of creative and honest food! 

Just minutes inside this place and we were already in love. ❤❤❤

Hello Birthday Boy! 

It was the most difficult decision ever to narrow down to 3 dishes that we thought looked delicious based on the description on the menu. 

But our choices were all equally amazing! And guess what? I have completely forgotten to snap one of the dishes! 😭😭😭

Pan fried home cured salmon steak on a bed of potato rosti, wilted Australian spinach topped with poached egg and seaweed hollandaise sauce.
Salmon was really fresh and cooked well, it was moisture and tender, definitely the kind of texture I like for my salmon. 
Hollandaise sauce added some creamy and just a touch of sourness to the salmon and the nicely fried potato rosti. 
Spinach was an interesting addition of greens to the eyes and to the palate too! 

This was the best french toast I have ever eaten in a really long time! 
The toast was fluffy yet firm and certainly flavourful! 
It did not soak up too much oil and that was a plus point I thought worth mentioning. 
Caramelised banana, popcorn, and vanilla ice cream were excellent sides to enhance the toast both taste and texture wise, albeit being way too sweet. 
Edible flowers, though look really lovely, tasted somewhat bitter. 

We have also ordered Smashing Avocado of course! It came with mashed avocado, beef bacon, topped with 2 poached eggs on a sourdough bread. 

I highly recommend checking them out for some true blue Australian brunch options! 
Despite being really tasty, I honestly think the portions are a little too small to justify for the price tags. 
We needed 3 dishes to completely fill our stomach and fuel us for the entire lazy morning/afternoon. 

The Red Beanbag @ Solaris Dutamas
Address: Block A4 1st Floor A4-1-08, Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 10AM–6PM
Phone: +60 3-2633 5030

After our delicious brunch, we did some grocery shopping, which was one of our fave thing to do in the weekend, before D got his surprise! 

D's crazy about Matcha flavour everything. Okonomi's matcha lava cake came out as the top recommendation and I knew this would be the perfect little birthday cake for the birthday man! 

On a side note, it was extremely easy to pull this surprise on D. 
I made the order on the spot, and all I had to do was just write the request on the side and voila! 
They surprised us with nice wording and a candle! 

Matcha Lava Cake (RM14.90)
The thick and creamy matcha oozed out in a slow stream which then turned into a deluge. 
I can't imagine a Matcha lover disliking this dish as it is a Matcha lover's dream! 
Matcha cake on the outside was nicely baked on the outside, but extremely soft on the inside;
Matcha lava was pure cream and matcha; 
and to top things off, we had some more matcha at the side, Matcha Chocolates. 
It is honestly the best lava dessert I have ever eaten, but do note that it tastes extremely sweet. 
So we were chugging down gallons of water after the dessert. 

But Okonomi is not just famous for their Matcha Lava cake!
I have written a complete review on Okonomi here
Go ahead and learn more about one of our fave Japenese restaurants! 

Okonomi Sushi @ Solaris Dutamas
Address: Publika Dutamas, A4-G2-02 no., 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Jalan Ipoh, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Hours:  11AM–11PM

Phone: +60 12-662 9041

You can watch D's Birthday Vlog over Here! 

And below are some photos of my OOTD! 

Top: Monki 
High-waisted Jeans: Pull & Bear 
Handbag: Coach 
Sunglasses: Coach
Necklace: Topshop Australia 
Shoes: Aldo 
Watch: Michael Kors 

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