Define Food at Mid Valley City

Are you bored of visiting yet another cafe and being served a plate of food that looks mediocre and could barely fill a quarter of your stomach? 
If you're answering yes to the question above, you will have to visit Define Food to redefine what you know about food and cafe!

Nestled between the two giant malls of The Gardens and Mid Valley Mega Mall, this place is definitely an eye-catcher with its chic and modern design from the outside! Donning huge orange wordings on all of their ceiling-to-floor windows, this place is calling out to you and welcoming you with great warmth from afar. This place is currently occupying only the first floor, but renovation work has already commenced in hopes to expand its space which will include an al-fresco dining setting to accommodate more patrons who either loves their food, or their lively vibes throughout the entire place!

The huge glass windows allow immense sunlight to penetrate the premise; opt for window seating if you fancy the perfect selfie setting with tons of natural sunlight, or simply choose from the seats tucked just beside of the wide staircase leading to the premise for a private and romantic ambiance. 

This interior design of this place is raw yet refined. I love how the green and the blue worked harmoniously to create a cozy vibe, the soft background music was amazing in terms of relaxing our mind too. I could imagine this place as a perfect hideout from the hustle and bustle of this little city. 

Private room is also available for special functions upon reservation!

We came here on a Sunday morning for brunch without much expectation as D has gained quite a bit of disdain towards cute cafes which serve really simple food at a hefty price tag.

But D was brimming with happiness when our food was served.

Luxurious Scambled Eggs with In-House Norwegian Salmon Gravlax and Lumpfish Caviar(RM28)

Fresh Norwegian Salmon was seasoned to perfection, best paired with the luxurious spread of caviar on top which added an exciting texture to the salmon. Both salmon and caviar were really fresh, without the strong fishy taste. 
The fluffy yet firm scrambled eggs came with the most generous portion I have ever seen, perfect for a protein boost on our gym Sunday. 

Big Breakfast [3 free range eggs, Creamy Mushrooms, Brioche Toast, Tomatoes Confit, Compressed Potato, "Rangup" smoked duck and Beef Chorizo] (RM33)

In-house made beef chorizo was D's fave from the dish.
The deep brick red chorizo was packed with flavour, amazing on its own and even greater when drenched in the runny egg yolk for an extra moisture and texture.
Though being really aromatic and crunchy, we thought the smoked duck was a tad too salty, or it would've been an interesting addition of flavour to the dish. 

It's been too long since we last had such filling brunch, and we couldn't be happier. 

If you'd like your brunch with a luxury twist without breaking your bank, I highly recommend giving this cafe a try and I am sure you will have an enjoyable experience like we did.

Click to watch us in action below: 

Address: The Boulevard, 59, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  016-901-4024
Open: 1030am-1030pm daily

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