Perth Day 6 and 7 - Corica's Apple Strudel

I couldn't believe it's the final post for my Perth Travelogue series already. 😭😭😭
These blog posts had been absolutely poignant to me. I am missing Perth even more with each blog entry I had written.

Anyway, back to the final part, the last two days weren't the most touristy and you may as well just skip this part if you are not at all keen in looking at some random photos I had taken. 

The penultimate day of our Perth trip was spent sending the ever so lovely Doris back to her place and we took the opportunity to visit her campus while we were at it. 

Random street of Northbridge. 

To get to Murdoch University, the more convenient option would have to be taking the subway. 
It was the ONLY time that we had taken subway throughout the entire Perth trip.
Tickets were not cheap, but thank god to family friendly packages. 
Remember to look out for couple package or family package etc that cater to your needs!

Location: Willeton, Western Australia

Willeton exudes such a different vibe from that of Perth. 
If I said Northbridgde was a quaint town, this place is 100x quainter than Northbridge. 
The place was full of single-storey houses along the stretch of the road. 
We could hardly see anyone walking on the street, buses came less frequently too. 

Beautiful roses were everywhere in backyards. 
I trespassed so many houses just to capture these beauties. 😂😂😂
Couldn't resist the beauty of live roses. 

After too many trespassing, LOL, we walked to the nearest grocery store to pick up some ingredients so that D's mum could prepare some nice lunch for us! 

I bought a super delicious sweet potato chips that I've been dreaming about ever since, so make sure you go and hunt for sweet potato chips if you're in Oz! They have tons of choices for you to choose from! 

Simple lunch for the day! 

We bid farewell to Doris after the lunch and headed back to Perth for some more shopping! 
We went to target and did some amazing local grocery shopping! 
I regretted for not buying more Almond milk as they were priced at only $2 or so there. 

After a very fruitful shopping, it started to drizzle a little. But a bit of rain couldn't stop us from hunting down the popular Corica Pastries! 

We were the last customer when we arrived and they were about to shut their door. 

Address: 106 Aberdeen St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Hours: Mon- Fri : 8AM–5:30PM
             Sat: 08:00am to 12:00pm
Phone: +61 8 9328 8196

We quickly ordered a box of the world famous apple strudel and we ran back to our hotel before the rain started pouring.

 Carry box apple strudel (includes 6 strudels and one carry box) $137.00

I know it sounds like these apple strudels cost a fortune, but trust me they are so worth every penny spent! 
The flaky and crunchy crust was incredibly delicious with a strong buttery scent and taste with just the right amount of sweetness! 
The apple sandwiched between the crust was smothered with a thick layer of custard and fresh cream! 
It was hands down, the best apple strudel I've ever had yet. 

We then begun packing for our flight tomorrow. 

We didn't have much time to spend the next day, so we just popped into our favourite local chemist to stock up on loads of products which aren't readily available in Malaysia. 

Also, paid a quick visit to the local fishmongers to buy some local delicacies (e.g. Abalone, scallops etc). 

And that's it with my Perth Travelogue! I honestly enjoyed myself so much in Perth and I am eager to go back again and explore different sides of Western Australia! 

Till we meet again, WA. 

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