Singapore 3D2N - Day 1 Chinatown, Fountain of wealth, Gardens by the Bay

Like I have mentioned in my previous blog post, we came back to Singapore for another round of exploration! This time, we have decided to do it the real tourist way i.e, we flew to Changi Airport, and learnt how to read a map and ride MRT etc.

I  always try to make the most of my trip by booking the earliest flight in possible! It only takes an hour flight from KL to Sg, so it surely saves us a large amount of time on the road, and also we got there feeling all energised and ready for the day!

Changi airport is a sublime stunner! Not only it has some of the most interesting art piece, security checkpoint was fast moving too!

We took the mini train to another Terminal 1, and from there we hopped on to a packed train. 
Travelling in a train forests with straphangers surely wasn't easy. 
We were constantly worrying if our baggage would slide away or topple over.

We were lucky to have been able to secure a place to sit later during the ride when most people disembarked. 

We rent a room through airbnb and it was lovely! Didn't take a photo of the place but it's a place where the rich resides! And for that reason, MTR stops aren't nearby, and we had troubles finding the right bus! Despite taking the longer route, we managed to find our place in one piece and we were still pretty early! 

D took me along to run some errands for his company but we were reckless to double check the address prior to coming to Singapore. We ended up in Little India. 

We got ourselves a local sim card, which we then found out we were charged extra -.- , and we started our mini adventure in Singapore close to noon! 

Our first stop was Chinatown again! 
I mean, why deny a place full of bargains and most importantly, overflowing supply of good food! 

This time, we explored this place a little more before heading to the hawker centre for good food! 

D was dying to try out this one Michelin Starred chicken rice, but we were taken aback by the huge crowd and long queue. 
We would have died in hunger if we joined in the queue. 
So we decided to go with the flow and pick out whichever food that we fancied trying! 

I love how theirs come with coconut flakes (my fave filling ever)! 
It was extremely satisfying to eat this! 

D couldn't forget this flavourful mutton soup after his first try. 
He was determined to try this again whilst we were there! 
And it surely didn't disappoint! 
This stall is in the blue area so do check them out! 

Oh yea! I highly recommend their soya milk too! We ordered 3 large ones for the three of us and we were so tempted to get one more upon leaving. 

Then we walked across the road to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple for some amazing photo opp! 

There were honestly so many more things to see, but we were both drenched in sweat, so we decided to visit a mall. 
I thought, the best place to be at, would be none other than the Suntec City. 
Not only we get a mall, we will be able to tick one more touristy spot off our list- The Fountain of Wealth! 

D was feeling slightly under the weather as he just recovered from flu, so we went back to our airbnb after some shopping at Suntec City. 

We showered and got changed, and left our airbnb around 6pm to Gardens by the bay, just so we could catch the laser show in time! 

The night view was absolutely stunning!
My camera did an amazing job at picking up all the lights and rid of the noise too! 
Shoutout to Sony! 

The light show! 

I don't know if I should consider ourselves lucky or the other way round to be visiting during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 
The place was packed with hoomans! >_< 
It was so difficult to move around and it was even harder to snap a picture without anyone in the background.

Good thing though, more lights and more decor! 

We had our dinner at Peach Garden Noodle House, but I wouldn't recommend as their service was atrocious! 

That's how we spent our day 1! Stay tuned for Day 2 and 3! :D

In the meantime, watch us in action here!

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