Perth Day 5: Crawley Edge Boat Shed and Watertown Brand Outlet Shopping

Our trip was coming to an end, and we hadn't visited the iconic blue house yet by that time, so I woke up telling D that we HAD to go to the blue house somehow. 
I couldn't have picked a better day! Blue skies, with some cold breeze that sends chills down our spine, it was just the perfect day for a mini adventure!

We stormed out of the hotel for some photoshoot around the neighbourhood!
Despite being a quaint residential town, this place was absolutely gorgeous! 
I fell head over heels for all of the red bricks building, I think they make perfect backdrop for photos! 

That was D carrying a happy elephant 😆😆😆

I couldn't give you the exact location for these photos as we were literally just randomly walking and then D whipped out the camera and snapped away! 

Gah! Looking at these photos make me miss the Australian winter! 😍😍😍

And also I love how these lovely flowers are blooming beautifully randomly by the street! 

After we were done with the photo shoot, we finally took the plunge and travelled all the way to the infamous blue boat house! 

There is no free bus service that could take you to the blue boat shed. We hopped on the blue 950 buses. We kinda just casually mentioned we were headed to Swan River and the bus driver kindly offered us a free ride there. But when he eventually found out that we were actually disembarking at the blue boat house, he told us that it's quite far from the town so we actually had to pay for the bus fare, but we were discounted this time. LUCKY US! 

The blue boat house looked fascinating although being really simple and empty? Ha! 

It's essentially just a boat shed out of nowhere. At the other side of the river, you could the skyscrapers peeping out. It's an intriguing contrast, I guess that's what makes this place such a unique one? 

But I must say, the experience of getting here, being here, and having to walk few kilometres to the nearest bus station to catch a free bus, was the best memory of D and I in the entire trip. Surprising huh? 

Like I mentioned earlier, the weather was perfect! It was really sunny we had to squint, but then again it was sooooo windy! And I was glad that our timing was right too. I have seen many people gone at the wrong timing and ended up with shadows cast on their face or the boat house etc. 
Besides, there were nobody in the queue waiting for photos opportunity. 
We got to take our sweet time to take as many photos as we desired!

After such fun-filled photo shoot, we just sat on the benches prepared by the side of the boat shed, taking everything in. 

It was, seriously, one of the best memories of my entire life. I wish I could put down how overwhelming I feel inside, but the feelings are inexplicable. 

After much consideration, i.e. to save the cash in hands and the weather was perfect for long walks, we decided to walk miles to find the nearest bus station, which was by the way, at the opposite side of the highway. 

Caught a black swan by the Swan River whilst we were walking to the nearest bus station. 

After we came back from the Blue Boat house, we reunited with D's family, and then we took the yellow CAT to the Watertown Outlet. 

I didn't take any photo of the place because I was so indulged in shopping that I kept the camera altogether so as to ensure a smooth shopping experience with no interruption. 😜😜😜

This is the place to go to if you want really cheap local brands! 
Some of the amazing ones I had seen are Fossils, Cotton on, Converse, Esprit, Factorie, French Connection, loads of sports brand and some eatery! 

I scored myself 3 sets of gym gear at less than $50 bucks! It was a crazy bargain, I dare say it was the best deal I have ever landed my hands on in my entire life for sports attire. 

We also got some nuts and nougats as souvenirs for friends and family. 

Before the sun set, we went back to CBD for some more walking and shopping. 
Most of the major stores were doing end season sales, so it was obviously the best time for us from the tropical country to shop! 

I had fun posing in front of the post office which was so unreal! 

Had a ton of fun shopping and scoring loads of bargains just along CBD, we also really enjoyed the colder wind as the sun was setting. 

Just as the sun was setting, we rushed to Nao Japanese for a hearty bowl of Ramen.

Had one the best ramens of our lives surprisingly in Perth at Nao Japanese. 
I have dedicated a separate blog post for it, so click here for a full review on this lovely neighbourhood Japanese shop. 

Then we just went back to our hotel and chilled for the night. 

Stay tuned for my final Perth travelogue! :)

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