Singapore 3D2N - Day 2 - Orchard Road, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

I am back with Singapore trip Part 2 and the final part of this trip! For more blogs about Singapore, please read here and here!

Prior to visiting Singapore, we have discussed amongst ourselves that this trip has to be a stress-free one, as it is a temporary escape from our stressful work. 

So the next day, without having too much in mind, we wandered around Orchard road, to do some shopping and pretty much just get lost in this forests of malls! 

And I kid you not, it was one the most comfortable day of the entire trip. Hahaha! 
We love air-conditioned settings!

We went to Ngee Ann City with our hopes held high to hunt down Takashimaya food hall. 
I have read so many good feedbacks on the food stalls here, so we were both really excited. 

But when we were there, I don't know if they have changed things up or what, they didn't have what we wanted. So we just walked to the food hall next to it, and picked whichever stall we wanted to try out.

We haven't had Korean food for a while now, so we ended up eating Korean food!

I highly recommend checking out this Korean Cuisine food stall! 
Their food was pretty authentic taste wise and presentation. 
And one thing worth mentioning is the ginormous portions and an affordable price tag!

We were both in a severe food coma at the end of our meal, but we did not regret it. Ha ha!
Then, we pretty much just wander around, looking at shops which Malaysia doesn't have...

Until D started yawning excessively and called for a coffee break. 

Again, we picked a coffee shop randomly, and were stoked to find out that they were having a buy 1 free 1 promo! 

Took way too many photos than we should, because it was our anniversary!!! 
I guess that explained why we were having a rather chill day, we just simply enjoyed being with each other. :)

After the coffee break, we continued to explore around more, and then we had an amazing catch-up over pretty and delicious desserts with this beauty right here!

It was so so so fun talking about our good old secondary school times and catch up with each others' life. 

And that was how the whole afternoon went fleeting by and before we knew it, the sun has already set. 

We decided to visit Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, of which both are claimed to be the liveliest place at night in Singapore!

Before heading home, we walked to Liang Court for the popular Ryoshi sushi Ikeikimaru.

The fail bloggers we were, we were super famished and exhausted by the time we were there, not forgetting the long queue got us even more tired too. LOL. So, we totally shunned the idea of snapping a photo of each food trying to make them look blog appropriate! 

But I must say, though, their food is as authentic as it can get! They are all prepared and made by Japanese, even the waiters are mostly Japanese. 
Thought we were in Japan for one second there. Hahaha! 

We got home and begun packing for home, because we spent too little time out and about exploring, we decided to pay Bugis Street a visit the next morning. 

I remember Bugis street being revamped on a YouTube show and that it's now fully air-conditioned and each shop has a cute facade etc. But I didn't see anything like that when I got there, so I either went to the wrong place, or I didn't find properly. LOL. 

But that's pretty much how we spent our 3D2N in Singapore! It was a really laid back one, but it surely was an interesting trip! 
And I love love love Singapore, we can't wait to go back again! 

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