Jonlivia S+ Hotpants

My long time friends knew I loathe working out! I would do anything to avoid sweating. 
But it all changed about 3 months ago!
It really wasn't easy when I first started working out. Being a sublime newbie in the fitness world, not only that I don't have a proper pair of shoes, I basically have nothing to wear to the gym. All I have in my wardrobe are dressy blouses and dresses. Unless you think working out in jeans is fine.

And just when I thought I had another excuse to decline D's invitation to join him in the gym, I discovered this pair of Hotpants!

I had always been really self-conscious about the lower part of my body. I hate my thighs and pretty much just the whole of my leg, I think they look fat and stout. My love for carbohydrate has also begun to show on my belly and my bums! 

I told D that I wanted a workout routine that would target the lower parts of my body, and at the same time getting really nice abs line so that I could flaunt them when I wear cropped tops! 

And that's when D designed this set of workout routine for me! These simple steps left me breathless when I first tried them. But once you got the hang of it, they are really simple to do! 

If you're curious what my workout routines are,
feel free to watch the video below! 

Besides hitting the gym twice a week for 3 times in a month, I also made sure that I do crunches and leg raise at home on a daily basis. No rest day! 

To my surprise, I started seeing results within the first 3 weeks of my workout routine! 

 This was how my tummy looked like during the first week of grinding in the gym. 
I remember being really depressed looking at other gym addicts! 

3 weeks later!!! 
Isn't this something??? 

I know consistency and diet are two really important factors, but the results wouldn't have been so quick if it wasn't for these pants! 

The unique design of the pants have enabled heat retention on top of the skin, imagine working out in the sauna? That's what's happening when you put this pair of pants on! 

I could feel my thigh and bum was burning and it was the best feeling ever. Although I could feel my skin covered in sweat, the intelligent layers of the pants absorbed all the sweat really well so it does not show up from outside at all! It means, it doesn't merely just enhanced my workout session, it made sure I looked and feel fresh and clean at the end of the workout session too, no sticky feeling at all! 

If you're on the hunt for some gym gear to kick start your new year resolution to be active, I highly recommend checking this pair of pants out! 
I felt the difference myself and since then I've been recommending to everyone I know! 

If you're concerned about your arms too, Jonlivia is now giving out a pair of Arm Shaper for free with any purchase of the S+ Hotpants (RM188)! Saying bye bye to flabby arms will be a breeze with these arm shapers on! 

Both the arm shapers and the S+ Hotpants are made of:
15% Polyster 
70% neoprene 
15% Nylon

A few plus points about these Jonlivia™ 100% S+ Hotpants I thought worth mentioning are:
1. They are incredibly soft!
2. It is highly stetchable and it doesn't restrict movement at all (meaning I could run, jump, weight lift in it!)
3. Double stitching provides enhanced security (this pants could be used for types of workout even those include a lot of stretching, you don't need to worry about breaking it!)
4. It doesn't irritate my skin at all (Ps. My skin is highly sensitive to irritation and these pants haven't caused my any trouble at all so far!)

Jonlivia™ 100% S+ Hotpants is exclusively available on!

If you are interested in learning more about their pants, visit their pages to find out more! 


  1. Pretty pleased to see the outstanding quality. Also their unique stuff is all the way amazing. My friend is happy with her shopping order received recently. Was impressed with the perfect fit of carbon38 leggings and sports bras the most. Their colors are just flawless. Never seen the back cuts and deep lines to give extra support.

    1. Hi! Thanks and glad that your friend enjoyed her purchase :)


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