Q-Switched Laser and Shining Peel at Skin Gym Laser Clinic SS2

If you have been following my blog posts here and here, you should have known that I was never blessed with great skin and tremendous efforts were put into achieving a somewhat normal state. 

My previous posts have also shown that I have tried out carbon peel lasers for two times and the results were really satisfying. To maintain the results from carbon peel lasers, I have been visiting Skin Gym frequently for Q-switched laser procedure! 

Please refer to my previous post for the detailed explanation of carbon peel lasers and how it works to improve our skin condition. I'd say Q-switched laser is the toned-down version of the carbon peel lasers. The only difference between Q-switched laser and Carbon peel laser is that Q-switched laser takes shorter time as the carbon is not left on the skin for half an hour before heated with the laser beam! 

Q-laser uses only small amount of carbon at targeted areas, e.g., oily T-zone, or U zone, or on spots. And since the amount of carbon used is minimal, it dries up pretty quickly. Roughly 5 minutes after application of carbon, the beautician would start heating the carbon with the laser beam and with the help of vacuum suction to remove all the impurities sitting on and in the epidermis.

I have been getting Q-switched laser procedure done on my face once every fortnight for a couple of months now, and I am loving how it has been helping me with keeping my oily skin at bay and minimizing breakouts. This procedure is ideal for those who want to achieve glowing skin, or keeping their active oil glands under control! 

You could watch the whole procedure here!!!

Just because it was my birthday, I decided to go the extra mile and treat my skin to a more advanced laser - the Shining Peel lasers. 

If you are a skin lasers addict like I am, (LOL), you probably would have heard a lot of people talking about Fractional CO2 lasers in helping skin resurfacing. 
Shining peel laser is pretty much the simplified and toned-down version of the Fractional CO2 lasers. That means, Shining Peel laser have no down time, and the procedure only takes a couple of minutes.

The machine used for Shining Peel and Fractional CO2 lasers are essentially the same machine. 
It's just the frequency has been adjusted for different procedures. 

There was I lying in fear.

Not gonna lie, I was terrified when I was informed that this procedure is slightly more painful than the usual ones I have done. 
And to be honest, for a person like me, who I claim to have some of the highest pain tolerance on my skin, found this procedure to be extremely painful. 
Thankfully the procedure was swift!
Though it was a short one, enough attention was paid to my problem areas! 
And... Behold... 
As I am going to show you how my skin looked like immediately after the treatment. 

It looked extremely red and irritated! 
I was freaked out when I first saw it. 
But then again, my skin is more sensitive than anybody, 
and it's more prone to having redness than anyone else. 
So do not worry as you may not experience the same redness as I did. 

This procedure has no downtime, 
so I applied some sun protection, and went on with my day. 

My skin took a while to calm down, and about 4 hours later, this is how my skin looked like with some sun protection on!

Not too bad isn't it? 

And below are the photos of how my skin look like after removal of sunblock at the end of the day! 

The redness has completely subsided, and I was excited to see how my skin was transforming! 

The next day, I went on with my life, went to the gym. 
And the photos below are my skin after an intense workout session at the gym! 

And this is how my skin was looking like after 2 days! 

Redness was completely gone! 
And my skin was recovering! 

Below are my skin conditions, 5th day after the Shining Peel lasers!

 I think my skin is so much smoother already!!! 
I was really happy with how my skin was looking merely 5 days after the treatment! 

 I really enjoyed how my skin felt and looked.
Although it wasn't perfect, but it's already so much better than before and I am really happy with the way it is now! 
My skin condition after 2 weeks.


Skin condition after one month! 
If you can't already tell, 
it has improved so so so much! 
I didn't notice till I saw these progression photos! 

I can't wait to go back for Q-switched lasers as maintenance and hopefully, some more procedures to speed up my skin resurfacing and smoothing out my skin! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all procedures done are paid with my hard earned money. Opinions are my own. Results may vary with individuals. 

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