Lucky Peaches Eating Hall and Bar @ Plaza Arkadia

The recent years have seen the mushrooming of interesting cafes, 
so this scene has done nothing but raising our bars to a whole new life. 

Plaza Arkadia is one of the newer developments in the Klang Valley region which boasts a European vibe. 
The lights, the music, the building facade and obviously, the drinking scenes, 
all of them reminded me of the western country living, which I had to admit I was totally digging it.
But in recent years I have only seen the opening of more and more Chinese / Asian restaurants or eateries, which I must say, have ruined the vibe of the area a little bit. 
But then again, who can we blame? 
It's an Asian country anyway. 

So anyway, blabbering about Plaza Arkadia aside, 
I am here to talk about this one place, which was thought to be the IT-place in Plaza Arkadia. 

Prior to my visit, I had high expectations of this place, imagine tall ceilings, rustic interiors with cozy vibes, relaxed but romantic with its dim lighting. But boy was I wrong.
I did not even get the chance to take a photo of the premise because it was incredibly small and narrow, with a non-well-ventilated second floor which had completely no decoration whatsoever. 
It was plain boring. 
If there was one thing that was worth an Instagram post, it would have to be their "bar" area, 
which I have failed to take a photo because there were other peopled seated there and it would be rude to take their photos. 
This place is great for hanging with pals after work, or chilling on a Saturday night for some boozes. 
I would not necessarily recommend this place for a romantic date, or girls' night out. 

So anyway, we were here for my birthday celebration. 
So we wanted something quite casual, but then a place nice enough for photos.
So this place only ticked one of the two boxes. 
This place serves Western cuisine with an Asian twist and they are probably more famed for their drinks (as in cocktails) rather than food per se. 
As we're not a drinker at all, we opted for the safe options, which was, juices. 
And they were, again, safe option, so expect nothing more. 😆

The indoor seating was rather greasy, either due to poor ventilation or their open kitchen concept. 
And thankfully we arrived there on a rainy day, so we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the alfresco seating without feeling like we were gonna suffocate / we were in a sauna in this tropical weather. 
That said, they do have strategically installed fans which gave us breeze comfortable enough to dine and chill instead of having to spend most of our time battling with flying hairs and napkins etc. 
So if you ask me, I would 10/10 recommend their alfresco seating over their indoor seating. 

Smoked Duck Breast_RM 39.9
Their food presentation definitely deserved a 10.10 for effort. 
But the food portion was incredibly small for big eaters like us. 
While the duck breast was tender and flavourful, it was also rather salty and the entire dish felt pretty monotonous as there weren't enough vegetables thrown in to fill us up while adding texture and flavours. 

Asian Laksa Pasta RM27.90
As this place portrays themselves as an Asian fusion restaurant, 
I thought it was only appropriate if I tried out one of their Asian inspired dishes. 
Well, to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the sour and spicy flavours of the dish, 
blame it on my Asian palate. 
The pasta was cooked to the perfect al dente, and the sauce was tangy and creamy at the same time. 
It's like your usual Asian dish, but with an added creaminess to it, 
which to be honest, really complemented each other really well. 

So all in all, I would recommend this place for drinking and small bites, 
because boys and girls, trust me, their food won't fill your tummies, 
well, at least they certainly would not fill mine. 
But I do thoroughly enjoy the ambiance here even though we weren't there for the cocktails. 

Lucky Peaches Eating Hall and Bar
Address: B-G-8 Plaza Arkadia, 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2712 0705
Fb | Ig : @luckypeaches_kl  
Hashtags: #luckypeacheskl, #lifesapeach

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