Grazia Cafe, JB

It was one of those chillax day where my family and I just chilled and did some leisure outing. We had a filling breakfast, and we went for a movie in the afternoon. We watched American Heist, which I thought was pretty good! I have never liked robbery movies, but this movie depicted perfectly the struggle of a person who was just released from a prison, and how the little brother struggled from living freely but yet obligated to help his brother. The movie was rather heavy for a chillax day though, so we thought we needed a cozy cafe to just chill out. 

Ippudo Ramen, Pavillion and Review of Truefitt and Hill, JW Marriott

I knowwww I am super late at this, but I finally got to try Ippudo Ramen. Hahahaha! Super outdated. Well the truth is I didn't know they have a branch in Pavillion and I kept going back to the same old trusty Ramen Shop at level 6 should I crave for Ramen. 

Noble Mansion, PJ

I am back again with another Chinese Restaurant. Increasing exposure to a variety of upmarket Chinese Restaurant has made my heart for my roots grown fonder. I used to have a tiny bit of disdain towards chinese restaurant because I grow up eating mostly Chinese cuisine all the time. But now that I have tasted quite a bit of different cuisine, I am slowly finding my way back to my roots.
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