Romantic Dinner in KL - Tamarind Springs

This post has definitely come 10 months late. Hahaha! 
But I guess, better late than never right? 
So, way before my birthday (2016), D had been hinting me that he'd be taking me to somewhere special, and it's guaranteed to be romantic.
I had my doubts and guesses in a few places, and I was always asking for his validations. 
But he was really good at keeping his mouth shut. 

This was me all dolled up, in the car, headed to somewhere mysterious. 

We were really unfortunate as the weather wasn't cooperating. 
It was raining cats and dogs around the time we were headed to the place. 
We were so late from our reserved time due to the horrible traffic. 
And Tamarind Springs had a rule to only hold a table for 30 minutes, so we were pretty anxious throughout the drive.
Not to mention, we were both starving too. 

But all the melancholy feelings varnished into thin air as soon as we arrived at this place. 
I knew it had to be Tamarind Springs, 
as I have briefly spoken to D about my food preference, no Western. 
And, Tamarind Springs is on my phone, topping the list of the Most Romantic Restaurant in KL. 
So I was over the moon when we got there! 

Beautiful entrance photo shoot with my simple yet elegant bouquet of flower on my big day. 

As soon as you entered the premises, a long romantic walk with candle lights shining all the way entailed. 
I was screaming in excitement inside as we were walking down the "aisle". 
It was so tranquil and close to nature as we could constantly hear the sounds of crickets communicating. 
The experience was one of a kind! 

D has had the table booked beforehand. 
I could spot the table from afar as our table was covered with red rose petals! 
P/s. For the curious cats, you could request extra set up for your table at an additional charge! 😉😉😉

While I was choosing what to eat, D decided to take you guys on a tour of this place! 
So enjoy! 

Hahahah! It's plain water. 😆😆😆

The staff offered to take a photo for us with our beautiful table set up! 

They must have been so used to patrons celebrating special occasions here, 
they even offered to take our photos for us when our dishes were served. Haha!

As this has been ages, please pardon if I don't get the dishes name right. 
The one above was lamb rendang.
We both loved rendang and thought this was really delicious. 
It was thick and creamy, just the way we loved our rendang. 
The meat was tender, each piece was covered with thick and flavourful gravy, making each mouthful an amazing experience. 
But one thing to note though, the portion is absolutely mini. 

The waiter was pushing us so aggressively to order a fish. 
We felt a little pressured into ordering it. 
And although the fish was quite fresh, 
we thought again, it was too overpriced for what it should be. 

Brinjal, though being delicious, was tooooooo oily for our likings. 

Brown rice was really good! 
But then again, they really need to reevaluate their price list? 

The staff then came to pressure us into ordering a glass of mocktails. 
D is the type who's sold at everything a person tries to sell him. 
So yeah... 
We ended up with a glass of overpriced mocktail. 

And while I was busy snapchatting, haha, the staff came out with a beautiful plate of dessert with a candle on it! 

It was our favourite mango sticky rice! ❤❤❤

The staff then helped us to arrange the rose petals into a heart shape and offered us to take some more photos. Hehe. 

It was such a wonderful night with D. 

I'd highly recommend this place for its ambiance, but do note though, 
this place has no air conditioning, so we left the place with sweaty face and sticky skin. haha! 
The food, was really mediocre and don't justify for the price tag. 

Tamarind Springs
Address: Jalan 1, Taman Tun Abdul Razak, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: 12–3PM, 6–11PM
Phone: +60 3-4256 9300


  1. May i know how much is the price for table decoration ?

    1. hi! Thanks for your comment. RM50 extra surchage applied to table decor. :) Hope this helps. :)

    2. Hi Jessica, may i know how much the overall price including GST for the same arrangement and food?

    3. Hi Khairol, the bill came up to RM300++ for the same arrangement and the food we ordered. :) Hope this helps.

  2. May I know what does the RM50 surcharge entail?
    Is it just the rose petals on the table?

    And is the indoor not air conditioned as well?

    1. Hi! Yes! I am afraid the RM50 is purely for rose petals on the table. If I remember clearly, the entire place is non-air conditioned. Hope this helps.

  3. Honestly the food quality has dropped. I used to come here very often for the cocktails and lamb. But now I am so very disappointed for the quality vs price I am getting. To keep up the competition change ur cheff and bartender. Today's food is completely hopeless... U guys use to do better than this


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