Murad City Skin Series - Official Launch

Are you wearing you sunblock right?

A blissful morning with the Murad team has totally opened my mind and redefined the function of a sun protection cream.

Many people to date are still neglecting the final and probably the most crucial step of any beauty regime- sun protection.
With the world perpetually advancing, ordinary sun cream can only offers so much protection.
Living in today's world, staying indoor or outdoor, we are putting our largest organ, skin at risk.
Not only we should protect our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, the blue lights emitted from our electronic devices like smartphones and computer screens are damaging our skin slowly but surely too! Not to mention, walking around without a shield on our face, we are also inviting various environment pollution into our skin and then our body.

Founded 25 years ago, Dr. Howard Murad, a surgeon cum chemist and dermatologist, has since changed the game of skin care tremendously. He believes that true beauty, health and well-being is a result of our daily habits. Incorporate these 4 incredible habits into our daily lives: nourish our skin, eat our water, awaken our body and be kind to our mind and we will naturally radiate youthful glow from within!

Special thanks to Lisa.T.Pink for the invite. 

Introducing the Murad City Skin Duo!
This set of two works hand in hand to give you all the protection you need from day to night to reveal radiant glow! 

1. City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++
This 100% mineral sun protection is definitely a breakthrough in the world of skin protection. It provides a broad spectrum PA++++ (the highest in the market) and SPF 50 sunscreen with Environmental Protection Technology. What's even better? This sun protection cream is absolutely lightweight and it comes in a very lovely peachy tint to create a flawless and even-skin-toned canvas without making you look ghostly like some of the normal whitish colour mineral sunscreen does. 

The City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum has been proven efficient to do the following: 

1. Titanium and Zinc Oxide provides PA++++ that protects our skin from the harmful UVA that damages the skin from the deeper layer and leaves scary footprint on the skin in the long run like sun spots, aging sagging etc. 

2. SPF50 from Titanium and Zinc Oxide also shields our skin from the harmful UVB rays which destroys our skin from the upper layer leaving effects like sun tanning, sunburn and even skin cancers and photoaging.

3. Lutein provides 89% protection from the Blue Light emitted by electronic devices which we are exposed to 24/7 but are unaware

4. Polymer Matrix forms a breathable second skin that stops 96% of adhesion and penetration of toxic pollutants and dust from entering our body through our pores.

5. Iron Oxides provide 52% Shield from Infrared Radiation while colour correct the skin. 

City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer
This amazing concoction in a white tub is filled with antioxidant goodness to detoxify and revitalize our skin overnight. 
The key ingredients include: 
Marrubium Plant Stem Cells, a supercharged antioxidant that neutralizes pollutants and strengthens skin’s barrier throughout the night. 
Next Generation Vitamin C is also a source of rich antioxidants that combats signs of aging. It brightens and evens our skin complexion.
Nourishing botanical blend of Sunflower, Cucumber, and Barley restore youthful texture.

One of my favourite quote from David, the director of Murad from Sydney:
Our skin never forgets the sun. 
The damage from the sun you exposed to your skin to when you were 15 will be carried with you and slowly show its signs with time. Sun damage has a cumulative effects on our skin. 
Don't regret your younger "care-free" decisions in your elder age. 
Start your skin protection now! 

After all the product introduction, we carried out some activities that revolves around the 4 healthy habits! 
1. Be kind to your mind
We had a round of easy and entertaining mind game. 
Daryl won a prize! 

The lovely Murad Malaysia team also taught us a few stretches suitable for our tense and competitive work environment to awaken our body

They have also specially prepared tons of fruits to make sure we eat our water

If you are worried that sun protection cream would break you out, the ingredients used in City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ is absolutely safe for sensitive skin and its fragrance free! It's so gentle that it is even safe for the eye area.
Dispense a nickel-sized amount and apply after daily moisturizer for complete protection.

Use City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer in place of your evening moisturiser to ensure total protection and detoxification!

The event ended with a generous buffet spread catered by Rama V. 

Good news! 
For those who wish to try out this awesome duo, 
cart out at with the code CITYSKIN to enjoy 10% off

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