Palazzo Viva at Telawi, Bangsar

If you can not already tell by now, how much I am a sucker for cute shops, I don't know how could I make it more obvious. LOL. 

Trick Eye Museum at The Peak, Hong Kong

My amazing friend Fui Fui told me that The Peak is one of the must-visit in Hong Kong, so despite the crazy flock of visitor, we still went for it anyway. The queue was crazy but when we were queueing for the tram, we made a new friend from....... hmmmmm... Damn I can't even remember where is he from and his name, but I do remember his face. LOL. Talking helped us so much in killing time, about 45 minutes later, we finally managed to squeeze ourselves into the tram. 

Fui is a huge fan of Trick Eye museum, and I have never been to any myself, so I thought this would be a great idea to do it together with her. So we got the ticket online and went straight to the museum once we got off the tram. We went separate way from the new friend and promised to meet when the sun set at the top. #SODRAMAIKNOW

I think this activity requires a lot of brain juices. because we need to think how to pose so that the picture makes sense. LOL. Andddddd it is also really tiring to do those poses, we have to climb up squat down etc. LOL. 

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I am going to let the pictures do all the talking. 

After visiting the museum, we just went out and chill. The view was breathtaking, and the breeze was really comfortable and I was in dire need of rest. Long day of walking has drained all my energy and legs were really sore and tired by then.

Unfortunately, it has started drizzling before the sun completely set, so we had to catch the tram and head down, the crowd was still insane and we couldn't find our new pal. LOL. So I basically FFK-ed him. And I still feel bad about doing so. I hope he didn't wait for us. :'(

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