Breakfast at Tous Les Jour

Today's post is just a really short and quick update on breakfast. 
Ohhhhh this place, despite of its crazy fame on instagram since its opening at Bukit Bintang, WOLO hotel, I clearly didn't jump on the bandwagon like everyone else. 
Just because I am slow and chill. HAHAHHAHA. 

NO. Simply because I hate places full of people where I don't get personal space. 

It was the kind of morning, where my sister had a paper at UM, and we had to come all the way from where we live to KL. Looking at the time we had,  
we thought we should get ourselves a proper breakfast
and a comfy place to kill time. 
Well, I never liked the word kill time, 
because time is precious, 
why would a person kill it? *headshake*
but you get the idea. 

I would say Tous Les Jour serves one of he most affordable breakfast. 
Each set costs about RM9.90 or 10.90.
The portion was pretty okayyyyyy and the taste was okayyyyy too. 
Of course not the best, 
but it was consider okayyyyy for the price we are paying. 
So I would still recommend it anyway. 
One thing though, 
can they have bigger table? 
Because clumsy person like me can't eat properly in such a small rounded table. 

Tous Les Jours Malaysia @ Telawi Square
Address: Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Open 7am-10pm daily.

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