Lunch Buffet at Contango, Majestic Hotel, KL

This is way way way backlogged and I have forgotten all the details if I am honest. But I have also taken loads of photos which I thought worth sharing and also I think putting in a blog is the best way to keep photos.

PS: The paragraph above was written more than a year ago, and now only I am updating this post. Just put a gun on my head already. Hahahhahahahah.

Ohhhhh! This post doesn't need a lot of words, because I have tons of photos, all taken by my phone. Looking at my old photos, I can't help but think, ohhhhhhhh, so vain, although it was just a year ago. HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

We were there before the lunch buffet session started, so we took the time to walk around, and snapped tons of photosssssss! The hotel is absolutelyyyyyyyy gorgeoussssssss!!! Everytime we walked into a place, we would all go ngawwwwwwww!!!

Superrrrrrrrr niceeeeeee table decoration! 
I love red, so this was a plus pointtttt! 

Anddddd the food selection was plenttyyyyyyyyy!!! 
Andddddd it was up to parrrrr! 
I always thought when you have a good variety of food, 
you usually have to compromise on the taste? 
But nooooo...
The taste was good and the food selection was abundant! 

Can we just all, take a moment and relish in the super cute desserts they have?
Not only do they look cute, 
they taste Ahhhhhhh-MAZING! 

I obviously stuffed myself with as much food as possible, 
even my food baby bump had to come and say hi to everyone. LOL.

It was an amazing experience, and my mum absolutely adored it. Now, almost every time we ran out of idea for food for birthday celebration, my mum would ask: Why don't we go to Majestic again? LOLOL.

It was priced at about 85++ per person. And I am not sure about the current price. But trust me, it's worth the moneyyyyyyyyyy!

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