Hatyai Day 2

After a well-spent evening stuffing our tummy with endless food, 
we had a good night sleep before waking up to another day of food hunting! 

NYX Mid Valley Opening

Back in 14th April 2018, NYX Professional Make-Up finally opened their 3rd independent makeup store in the beauty hub of Mid Valley Mega Mall! 

Minimal Skincare routine with Althea's Bare Essential Skincare

This blog post is aimed at 
1. people who've been on acne treatments for a long period but still getting acne frequently
2. People with extensive skincare routine and not seeing desirable improvements
3. People who are overwhelmed by the amount of skincare in the market
4. People who are lost in building their very own skincare regime

How to keep your hair smelling fresh for longer - Beyond Professional Defense Hair Care Range

I always get admiring stares at my hair when I am around people, mainly because of how voluminous they look and how long I have managed to keep them.

Hatyai Day 1 - Mayflower Grande hotel and Xiong Ji Restaurant

End of last year, we made a pretty spontaneous trip to drive all the way into Hatyai! 
While it may have been the most cost-effective mode of transportation to get to Hatyai, 
it was, however, a horribly time-consuming one!

Melbourne Day 7- Kettle Black, Shrine of Remembrance, State Library Victoria

Welcome to the final installment of our Melbourne Travelogue. 
As per usual, the previous blog posts are linked down below for easy access: 
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5 and Day 6!

Product Empties 2018

I have collected yet another bag of product empties which I am eager to share with all of you my thoughts on them! 

Choco beige smooth hair transformation + Tsuya & Milbon Hair treatment

Having smooth and healthy looking hair has been a monthly goal for me. 
Constant heat-styling and colouring are amongst the killers to the shine of my hair. 


I usually take the opportunity to sleep a little longer to make up for my lack of sleep on the weekdays. 
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