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I always get admiring stares at my hair when I am around people, mainly because of how voluminous they look and how long I have managed to keep them.

However, I do have to admit, having an oily scalp and incredible long hair, hair wash hasn’t been a thing I’ve particularly enjoyed doing. But it all changes when I was introduced to this series of hair care products!

Oily scalp + stinky hair + itchy scalp = not a good look. People with oily scalp will totally understand the struggle of keeping our hair smelling fresh and scalp feeling refreshed all the time. If you’re nodding in agreement to what I have just said, then rejoice, as this set of hair care is designed specially to target these hair-related concerns!

The Beyond Professional Defence Line is a refreshing daily haircare line infused with A TON OF BERRIES including cranberry, blueberry, and juniper berry to not just nourishes the hair but also to provide long-lasting fragrance! This range of haircare is also free of harmful ingredients such as Mineral Oil and Triethanolamine (highly toxic) which are normally found in hair products. Those who pay extra attention to their skincare or haircare will also be thrilled to learn that the Beyond Professional Defence range of haircare is certified organic.

The main ingredients in the Professional Defence Range comprised of
 10% Organic Certified Complex which includes:
1.       Calendula Flower Extract Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
2.       Marshmallow Root Extract and – Anti-inflammatory and skin soothing
3.       Lady’s Mantle ExtractNatural astringent, anti-oxidant
Blueberries (rich in anthocyanin, antioxidants and is a natural preservative), Cranberries (rich in antioxidants, salicylic acid, and vitamin C), Juniper Berries (detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and natural astringents).

Incredible ingredients aside, the Beyond Professional Defence hair care range also comes in the most interesting tone of purple (colour of the year of 2018!!) which is inspired by Anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment that can be found in abundance in berries especially blueberry and cranberry.

The products that I get to try out from the range are:

The Professional Defence Shampoo (600ml) – RM100

What intrigued me when I first used this product was its incredible scent. It smells incredible straight out of the bottle and it smells even better after being lathered up! For a shampoo that has no harsh surfactant, this product lathered up surprisingly well, makes washing my tangled hair an easy task. 

Upon washing, it also provided a purifying sensation that I long for after my scalp had been excreting oil the entire day. A quick wash took away the sebum and impurities while the juniper berry extract purified my hair follicles and soothed any itchiness I may have from the oil build-up too! I was pleasantly surprised at how purifying yet gentle the shampoo is as it does not strip away the moisture off my dry ends!

Beyond Professional Defence Conditioner (450ml)– RM139

I would always smother on a thick layer of conditioner after shampooing my hair and I am really glad that both of the products came with the same fragrance! Layering the Beyond Professional Defence shampoo with the Beyond Professional Defence Conditioner also ensured that the fragrance lingers longer on my hair! My bleached hair looked great, but I loathe having to wash my hair because using the wrong combo of shampoo and conditioner will turn my hair into a knotty mess. The conditioner smoothed over each strand of my hair easily. It applies easily without being too overly slippery. I also love how it comes with a pump, hooray to the absence of messy aftermath.  

From my personal experience, I must say, so far no shampoo and conditioner have managed to make my hair smells good for more than a couple of hours but since using this combo, I’ve had the luxury of enjoying fresh smelling hair until my next hair wash (I wash my hair on alternate days). My hair also remained smooth and silky till my next hair wash!

Beyond Professional Defense Scalp & Hair Treatment – RM179

I’d also make sure to use the Professional Defence Scalp & Hair treatment once a week. What set this product apart from the others in the market it that this treatment can be used on the scalp too! It helps to maintain a healthy moisture balance in the scalp thereby reducing sebum secretion throughout the day. Although the difference is not drastic, I do notice that not only the does the hair treatment smooth out my frizzy ends, it also revitalizes my scalp at the same time! While you may think using a hair treatment on the scalp may result in limp looking hair for the weight it adds onto your roots, this hair treatment kept the roots clean and fresh, hence volumized rather than weighing it down. I’d highly recommend those who are keen on keeping their oily scalp situation under control while keeping their hair tamed to give this product a try!

All in all, I am really impressed with the Beyond Professional Defence Hair Care range. One of my absolute favorite things about this set of product is how long the fragrance lingered on my hair and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the purified scalp I get from these products! 

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